ExclusiveTurks and Caicos Add-on Packages

Arrival Packages

A collection of services to help get your holiday started on the right foot.

Turks and Caicos Soft Landing

“Soft Landing”

All your arrival essentials.

Package includes:

  • Round-Trip VIP Airport Transfers
  • Class A Car Rental
  • 50-minute Arrival Massages
Turks and Caicos Warm Welcome

“Warm Welcome”

Upgrade your arrival.

Package includes:

  • Round-Trip VIP Airport Transfers
  • Class B Car Rental
  • Indulgent 70-minute Arrival Massages
  • Breakfast Delivered Daily
Turks and Caicos Blissful Embrace

“Blissful Embrace”

Treat yourself to premium extras.

Package includes:

  • Round-Trip VIP Airport Transfers
  • Jeep or Large Class Car Rental
  • Indulgent 70-minute Arrival Massages
  • Daily breakfast prepared by Chef
Turks and Caicos Red Carpet

“The Red Carpet”

Fly into the open arms of luxury.

Package includes:

  • Full-time Private Driver
  • Indulgent 70-minute Arrival Massages
  • Full-time Chef

Experience Packages

Recommended activities curated by our Concierge team to help you experience the best of Turks and Caicos.

Turks and Caicos Peace in Paradise

“Peace in Paradise”

Moments of pure serenity.

Package includes:

  • Island Paradise 2-hour Spa Package
  • Private Champagne Sunset Cruise
  • Paddleboard Eco-tour or 1-day Paddleboard Rental
Turks and Caicos An Indulgent Affair

“An Indulgent Affair”

The ultimate all inclusive itinerary.

Package includes:

  • Private Full-Day Catamaran Charter
  • Spoiled Rotten 4-hour Signature Spa Package
  • Private Full-day Fishing Trip
  • Golden Hour Island Escape Photoshoot
Turks and Caicos Encounter: The Social Itinerary

“Encounter: The Social Itinerary”

Create lasting memories with other adventure seekers.

Package includes:

  • Tour of North and Middle Caicos
  • Glow Worm Sunset & Stargazing Cruise
  • Horseback Trail Ride or Jet Ski Tour
Turks and Caicos Exploration: The Private Tour

“Exploration: The Private Tour”

An exclusive itinerary of private activities for your group.

Package includes:

  • Private Jet Ski Tour
  • Private Horseback Trail Ride
  • Private Fishing Trip or Half-day Catamaran Charter

DesignYour Dream Vacation

Just for you.

If our standard packages aren’t quite what you had in mind, let us know what would make your vacation truly special. Choose from these experience genres, or let us know your interests and your Concierge will create a perfect package, just for you.

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