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9 22 9 + 2 half
$6,070 - $7,565 /night
9 26 9 + 1 half
$5,500 - $8,000 /night
11 22 13 + 2 half
$2,750 - $4,714 /night
5 10 6 + 1 half
$2,000 - $4,575 /night
4 8 4 + 1 half
$1,857 - $3,428 /night
5 10 5 + 1 half
$1,786 - $2,500 /night
5 10 6
$1,686 - $5,029 /night
5 10 5 + 1 half
$1,680 - $3,334 /night
5 12 5 + 1 half
$1,635 - $3,715 /night

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USVI Visitors Guide

The US Virgin Islands, consist of three major islands, St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas and is a popular Caribbean vacation destination. While each island has its own distinct flavor, USVI vacation rentals are a popular choice for travelers from around the world because of the beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery and charming architecture.

Transportation in and around Your USVI Vacation Rental

If you're booking a stay at a USVI vacation rental, then you'll probably be flying there. The Henry E. Rohlsen International Airport serves St. Croix and the Cyril E. King International Airport serves St. Thomas and St. John. Flights range in price depending on the season and the island you choose, but it's not hard to find a flight when you need one. If you're planning to rent a car, remember that even though the US Virgin Islands are part of the United States of America, people drive on the left side of the street. The cars, on the other hand, usually have the driver's side on the left like the rest of the USA - a situation that can make driving a little more precarious to the inexperienced driver. With lots to do and see, you will likely want to rent a car, but there are always other ways to get around. When you book your USVI vacation rental talk to the owner about airport transfers, car rentals and other ways of getting around.

What to Do during Your Stay at a US Virgin Islands Vacation Rental

You should narrow your search to a specific island by browsing our selection of St. Croix vacation rentals, St. John vacation rentals and St. Thomas vacation rentals but no matter which island you choose, diving is a popular activity for tourists and locals and there are many reputable operators that will help you plan your diving excursions whatever your level of experience. Because of their rich cultural history, the US Virgin Islands have lots of beautiful architectural and historical sites to see as well. Be sure to inquire about tours when you book your stay.

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