We Create personalized holiday experiences for discerning guests in extraordinary places around the world.

About Us


Our business is run by industry professionals with many years of experience in the luxury holiday market.


We work with the most reputable property management companies in each destination. Our homes are personally inspected to meet a high standard of luxury.


We love our jobs and we love to travel. That's why we always help service any request; small, big, and over-the-top.

Management Team

Brian Schwimmer, CEO

Brian Schwimmer

CEO and Co-founder

Brian has been involved in the Travel Industry, International Real Estate and online startups for the past 15 years. As CEO and co-founder of Rental Escapes, he is responsible for setting the company's strategic objectives and leading Rental Escapes' growth and acquisition strategies in new markets around the world.

Brian has established a customer-centric culture at Rental Escapes, where exceeding travelers' expectations is the goal for each and every team member, from the Marketing team to the Reservations department. This philosophy has helped make Rental Escapes one of the fastest growing villa wholesalers in the world today.

Beyond Rental Escapes, Brian enjoys traveling with his family, playing golf, and is an avid sports fan.

Daniel Bakerman, COO

Daniel Bakerman

COO and Co-founder

Daniel is an entrepreneur with a solid background in travel, sales, online marketing and website development. He has more than 15 years of management experience under his belt and before co-founding Rental Escapes, he held an executive position at a successful online marketing and technology company in his hometown of Montreal.

As COO of Rental Escapes, Daniel spends his days (and nights!) ensuring that all of the company's various departments and teams operate smoothly and efficiently to ultimately deliver a memorable and seamless experience for our guests. When he's not working, Daniel loves spending time with his family, dining, and traveling.

Cindy Mitchell, Vice-President of Guest Experience

Cindy Mitchell

Vice-President of Guest Experience

Cindy has been a dedicated travel professional since she graduated with honors from her Travel and Tourism program. She realized early on that the most important industry component is the guest, which drove her to focus on VIP and concierge experiences.

Cindy specializes in developing and mentoring our team to drive guest experience to the next level. For the past few years she's excelled in creating amazing VIP experiences by partnering with the best suppliers available.

Cindy is a service oriented person who always goes the extra mile to accommodate the guests' wishes. Her extensive experience makes her a vital part of the Rental Escapes team.

David Lambert, Senior Reservations Manager

David Lambert

Senior Reservations Manager

After growing up in Montreal, David's interest in travel led him to study abroad in Barcelona. His time in Spain allowed him to tour around Europe's renowned destinations, become fluent in Spanish, and learn about guest experience while working for the Ritz Carlton. He returned to Montreal with intimate knowledge and appreciation for the world of luxury travel.

David remains an enthusiastic traveler who enjoys a hassle- free vacation. He keeps this in mind when putting together the components of a luxurious and relaxing getaway for his clients.

Justin, Senior Reservations Manager

Justin Verrall

Senior Reservations Manager

Justin is a native Montrealer who studied Commerce and Psychology in College. With that he brings over 12 years of sales and marketing experience and a thirst for travel. While running their own online business Justin and his wife spent 5 months traveling to Hawaii, New Zealand, Bali, Thailand, Hong Kong, the UK and the Caribbean before settling back in Montreal.

When Justin isn't practicing photography and music he's working hard to deliver the best experience possible with a heightened level of service, support and attention to detail. It's this experience and his unrelenting drive to help others that has brought him to Rental Escapes.

Samantha Meehan, Senior Reservations Manager

Samantha Meehan

Senior Reservations Manager

Samantha hails from Ontario, Canada where she graduated with an Honours Specialization in Language and Literature. She took her studies further to complete a Bachelor of Education as well as a Masters of Education. With family living in Ontario, Florida, and Panama City, Samantha is no stranger to the world of travel. Her interest in world culture led her to explore Greece, Italy, Paris, and Honduras where she taught as an Undergrad.

It's through Samantha's experience in education and travel that she can create the best vacation for her clients at Rental Escapes. Her dedication and affinity for detail propel her to accommodate all requests, no matter how big or small they might be.

Ashton Thorne, Reservations Manager

Ashton Thorne

Reservations Manager

Ashton was born and raised in New Brunswick where she graduated with a diploma in Travel & Hospitality. She realized her passion for travel during her first visit to New York City and now has plans to see the world. With almost 10 years of customer service experience working for luxury brands like Fairmont Hotels, she can intuitively plan amazing getaways for her clients.

Dana Walter, Reservations Manager

Dana Walter

Reservations Manager

Dana grew up in Southern Ontario where she studied Travel and Tourism. She then headed West and acquired a taste for luxury travel while working for Fairmont Hotels. With a thirst for travel Dana has gained international exposure while exploring Asia, Europe, Central America and her native land of North America. She takes pride in having in-depth knowledge of her clients' needs, allowing her to create outstanding personalized experiences.

Joshua Da Silva, Reservations Manager

Joshua Da Silva

Reservations Manager

Joshua discovered his passion for travel and hospitality at a young age and earned his degree in International Hotel Management. He has since traveled to Australia, The UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, and several islands in the Caribbean. Joshua is an avid traveler but he has always thinks of Montreal as home. Joshua's expeience working at 5-star hotels around Montreal and his devotion to customers has helped him exceed travelers expectations for the past 14 years.

Beyond his passion for travel and planning vacations to villas around the world, Joshua is an avid technology enthusiast always on top of the newest trends.

Keith Diebel, Reservations Manager

Keith Diebel

Reservations Manager

Keith's love of travel developed early in life as a kid growing up in Toronto, Canada. When he wasn't indulging in his original passions, playing Hockey or Soccer, he enjoyed travelling to destinations around the world with family and friends. His passion for the tourism industry ultimately led him to study Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University. Keith has travelled extensively through Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada and many Caribbean Islands. But his favorite spots are definitely Hawaii and Thailand. For Keith, nothing beats their surreal beauty and tranquility.

Keith's travels eventually led him to Montreal where he lives and works at Rental Escapes, talking to guest about the places he's been and helping them plan their own unforgettable experiences. These days, when he's not travelling, he still enjoys playing Hockey and Soccer and is also an avid musician having played drums for more than 10 years.

Tim Montgomery, Personal Concierge

Tim Montgomery

VIP Concierge

Tim hails from Buffalo, New York, and arrived in Montreal to receive his Master's degree from McGill University. He's a devoted world traveler with over 30 countries visited and 7 years spent working in Europe. Through his travels he developed a passion for interacting with new people and helping enhance their own explorations. Tim's world knowledge allows him to build unforgettable itineraries tailored to the precise travel style of each of his clients.

Bianca Tropiano, Personal Concierge

Bianca Tropiano

Personal Concierge

Bianca is a native Montrealer with a strong passion for travel and tourism. While earning her diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism, Bianca travelled the world, visiting over 20 different countries and cities and learning four different languages. Bianca remains a passionate traveler who knows first-hand how the details make up the components of a memorable vacation. Paired with her extensive knowledge of worldwide cultures and social norms, she never fails to ensure an unforgettable travel experience for our guests.

Joe Schwimmer, Marketing Manager

Joe Schwimmer

Marketing Manager

Joe grew up in Montreal and studied marketing and entrepreneurship in University. With four years in the vacation rental industry under his belt and countless stamps in his passport, travel is rivaled only by music as Joe's top passion. Whether renting an apartment in Slovenia or a mansion in Coconut Grove, rentals have always been Joe's preferred means of accommodation - guess it runs in the family. His dream is to one day own his own villa in Ibiza and have it listed on Rental Escapes.

Adam Cartwright, Web Content Manager

Adam Cartwright

Web Content Manager

Adam brings experience, eagerness and a scrupulous nature to an already amazing team. His work ethic and drive are second to none. Though not a frequent traveler, Adam's eagerness to learn has given him extensive knowledge of different places around the world. That knowledge has helped him move through the ranks at Rental Escapes. Adam is responsible for ensuring that every property in the Rental Escapes portfolio looks fantastic and provides our loyal travelers with a complete picture of all the features and amenities that the villa has to offer.

Born in Florida, Adam has lived in Montreal since 1994. Outside of work, he is completing a college degree and plays competitive curling. Adam is an avid sports fan and loves to spend his weekends on the baseball diamond or the hockey rink.

Marianna Papamihelakis, Web Content Manager

Marianna Papamihelakis

Web Content Manager

Marianna is a Montreal native graphic designer who specializes in brand identity. She is responsible for ensuring that every property on the Rental Escapes website is up to date and looking great. Inspired by the art and culture of ancient civilizations, she is completing her bachelors degree in Classics. When she's not working, Marianna's favorite passtimes are camping and honing her archery skills but she enjoys any activity that involves travelling and spending as much time outdoors as possible.