About Us

We create personalized holiday experiences for discerning guests in luxury vacation rentals around the world.

The Rental Escapes Difference


Our business is run by industry professionals with many years of experience in the luxury holiday market.


We work with the most reputable property management companies in each destination. Our homes are personally inspected to meet a high standard of luxury.


We love our jobs and we love to travel. That's why we always help service any request; small, big, and over-the-top.

Management Team

Brian Schwimmer, CEO

Brian Schwimmer

CEO and Co-founder

Brian has been involved in the Travel Industry, International Real Estate and online startups for the past 15 years. As CEO and co-founder of Rental Escapes, he is responsible for setting the company's strategic objectives and leading Rental Escapes' growth and acquisition strategies in new markets around the world.

Brian has established a customer-centric culture at Rental Escapes, where exceeding travelers' expectations is the goal for each and every team member, from the Marketing team to the Reservations department. This philosophy has helped make Rental Escapes one of the fastest growing villa wholesalers in the world today.

Beyond Rental Escapes, Brian enjoys traveling with his family, playing golf, and is an avid sports fan.

Daniel Bakerman, COO

Daniel Bakerman

COO and Co-founder

Daniel is an entrepreneur with a solid background in travel, sales, online marketing and website development. He has more than 20 years of management experience under his belt and before co-founding Rental Escapes, he held an executive position at a successful online marketing and technology company in his hometown of Montreal.

As COO of Rental Escapes, Daniel spends his days (and nights!) ensuring that all of the company's various departments and teams operate smoothly and efficiently to ultimately deliver a memorable and seamless experience for our guests. When he's not working, Daniel loves spending time with his family, dining, and traveling.

Samantha Meehan, Senior Reservations Manager

Samantha Meehan

Reservations Director

Samantha hails from Ontario, Canada where she graduated with an Honours Specialization in Language and Literature. She took her studies further to complete a Bachelor of Education as well as a Masters of Education.

With family living in Canada, The U.S., and Panama, Samantha is no stranger to the world of travel. Having worked in the travel industry for 7+ years, she works daily to assist her team in providing the best experience for guests and partners when working with Rental Escapes! Her interest in world culture led her to explore many different countries and she shares that with her guests to help paint the picture of what a good trip can do to bring one closer to themselves, their loved ones, and their world. Being able to travel anywhere, stay in luxurious properties, and interact with new people is a growing passion for her.

It's through Samantha’s experience in education and travel that she can create the best vacation for her clients at Rental Escapes. Her dedication and affinity for detail propel her to accommodate all requests, no matter how big or small they might be.

Ashton Thorne, Senior Reservations Manager

Ashton Thorne

Senior Reservations Manager

With more than 10 years of experience working for luxury travel brands under her belt, Ashton joined the Rental Escapes team in 2015 when she moved to Montreal from Canada's east coast. Her vibrant personality, experience and passion for travel, made her a perfect fit for our reservations team.

Ashton has travelled throughout the Caribbean, Europe and the United States. She has personally inspected and stayed in many of our luxury villas in destinations like Barbados, St. Martin, Anguilla, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Ashton prides herself on being able to use her vast knowledge of the industry to curate the perfect vacation for her clients and provide superior customer service!

Justin, Senior Reservations Manager

Justin Verrall

Senior Reservations Manager

Justin is a native Montrealer who studied Commerce and Psychology in College. With that he brings over 12 years of sales and marketing experience and a thirst for travel. While running their own online business Justin and his wife spent 5 months traveling to Hawaii, New Zealand, Bali, Thailand, Hong Kong, the UK and the Caribbean before settling back in Montreal.

When Justin isn't practicing photography and music he's working hard to deliver the best experience possible with a heightened level of service, support and attention to detail. It's this experience and his unrelenting drive to help others that has brought him to Rental Escapes.

Keith Diebel, Reservations Manager

Keith Diebel

Senior Reservations Manager

Keith's love of travel developed early in life as a kid growing up in Toronto, Canada. When he wasn't indulging in his original passions, playing hockey or soccer, he enjoyed travelling to destinations around the world with family and friends. His passion for the tourism industry ultimately led him to study Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University. Keith has travelled extensively through many Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Europe, Asia, the United States, and Canada. His favorite destinations to date have been Hawaii, Thailand and Los Cabos.

Keith's travels eventually led him to Montreal where he lives and works at Rental Escapes, talking to guests about the places he's been and helping them plan their own unforgettable experiences. These days, when he's not travelling or playing sports, he is playing music, as he has drummed for more than 10 years.

Tania Lee, Senior Reservations Manager

Tania Lee

Senior Reservations Manager

Before choosing to pursue her career in travel, Tania studied accounting in university and worked as an accountant for 10 years. She held positions in a large accounting and consultancy firm, and Cirque du Soleil before joining the Rental Escapes team. Tania has travelled to more than 30 countries and destinations all over the world. She counts India, Morocco, Turkey, Colombia, and South East Asia among her favorites, but her absolute favorites are Tulum, Mexico and New York City where she lived for 2 years. These days though, Tania prefers to enjoy the sun-and-sand destinations of the Caribbean over some of the more adventurous places she’s visited in the past.

Tania is also a huge foodie, particularly when it comes to pizza, and can probably name the best place to grab a slice anywhere her guests are going. She also really enjoys indoor spinning and drone photography, particularly in the sea (despite being a really bad swimmer).

Alan Cundall, Reservations Manager

Alan Cundall

Reservations Manager

Alan joins Rental Escapes with a wealth of industry experience and a deep commitment to service. Alan returns to Montreal having worked in the Caribbean and Mexico for nearly a decade in the villa rental industry in many different capacities. A very meticulous individual, he instinctively anticipates a guest's every need and takes pride in delivering the perfect vacation experience. Whatever you may need he is definitely the person to make it happen and will do so with a big bright smile.

A passionate world traveller, Alan loves to explore new destinations and enjoys the unique adventures each place offers. He also has an appreciation for the comforts and luxuries of home. A lover of the outdoors, you will often find Alan hiking, canoeing, and camping in all corners of Quebec and Ontario. When not out exploring, Alan enjoys playing golf or going for a jog to clear his mind.

Amanda Singer, Reservations Manager

Amanda Singer

Reservations Manager

Amanda has spent the last ten years working and living in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, where she developed and managed sales and customer care centres for a variety of companies. Her travels afforded her the opportunity to live in fabulous properties around the world and ignited her passion for travelling. Amanda is always looking for the next occasion to experience a new country and she particularly enjoys helping guests who want to leap out of their comfort zone and plan their first stay in a new destination.

Erin O'Neil, Reservations Manager

Erin O'Neil

Reservations Manager

Erin has always enjoyed travelling. Growing up, she travelled throughout Mexico and the Caribbean with her family, and in her 20s she spent a good deal of time extensively exploring Europe. It wasn’t until a fateful stay at a private home in Jamaica in 2014 that Erin fell in love with the villa vacation lifestyle. She decided to leave her career in insurance to pursue a new career in the luxury villa rental space, and she never looked back.

Erin has stayed in incredible properties around the world (her favorites have been Ani Thailand and Casa Aramara). Her favorite destinations are Italy, Maui, Napa and Mexico, but Erin mostly chooses destinations based on what she feels like eating, fully embracing the adage “will travel for food.” Wherever a guest wants to go, or whatever they want to do, chances are, Erin’s done it. That’s what makes her such a great addition to the Rental Escapes team.

Randee Zeitz, Reservations Manager

Randee Zeitz

Reservations Manager

Randee studied Law at Montreal's McGill University before beginning a varied and successful career in the corporate world. She worked as a talent recruiter specializing in the fashion industry and worked for more than 10 years in the Toy & Novelty industry in various management positions.

Randee travelled a lot growing up, visiting many Caribbean destinations like Cayman Islands, St. Lucia, St. Barts, St. Martin, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and Aruba; but she truly fell in love with travel when she was lucky enough to travel through Europe before beginning her Law degree. She spent time in numerous cities in the UK, France, Span, Italy and Greece. In fact, it was in Corfu that Randee almost chose not to return home for Law School at all, but ultimately did.

Since making a major career pivot and choosing to join the team at Rental Escapes, Randee has never looked back. She is passionate about helping our guests plan their perfect escapes and these days, when asked what she does for a living, she tells people she makes dreams come true.

Sam Olson, Reservations Manager

Sam Olson

Reservations Manager

After graduating from the Desalt Faculty of Management at Mcgill University, Sam chose to take the road less travelled and spent time working as a musician. She was the lead singer of a band, and wrote and produced music for other artists, tv and film. Eventually Sam decided to put her education to use and began working in marketing. After a few years, Sam's passion for travel and hospitality led her to pursue a career in the travel industry.

Sam has travelled extensively through Europe, South East Asia and has lived in Los Angeles, where she spent her weekends travelling the West Coast. These days, her thirst for travel tends to lead her to a lounge chair on the white sandy beaches of Riviera Maya and the Caribbean. Becoming a reservations manager has allowed Sam to satisfy her passion for travel, while helping others see all the wonders that the world has to offer. Sam truly believes that travel leads to a richer life. As the saying goes, "why not take the scenic route? You never know what you'll see and learn along the way!"

Bianca Tropiano, Concierge Director

Bianca Tropiano

Concierge Director

Bianca holds a degree in Hotel Management & Tourism and is a passionate traveler. She has visited over 25 different countries and cities and speaks four languages. She began her career at Rental Escapes as a Personal Concierge where she showed an exceptional capacity for working with guests to plan memorable experiences, and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Now, as the Concierge Director, Bianca is responsible for managing our Concierge department and maintaining our industry-leading level of service. She works closely with our team of Concierges to support them and our guests; sources and vets the best suppliers around the world; and works with her own guests to plan their holidays.

When she's not spinning a thousand plates, Bianca likes to relax with a good book. Preferably, somewhere with a beach and pool.

Delaney Orr, Personal Concierge

Delaney Orr

Personal Concierge

With over eight years of customer service experience, Delaney excels at helping others. She holds a BA in Sociology and has worked extensively in special events and tourism. Not only has she been involved in planning countless weddings and parties, she has also led trips to Greece, Italy, California, Mont Tremblant, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Needless to say, she has a knack for creating memorable experiences! She always aims to make people's lives a little brighter, and is excited to be working with Rental Escapes to make her guests' vacation dreams a reality.

Her biggest passions in life are travel, nature, and wellness. From traveling solo through South East Asia, to hiking the West Coast Trail, to becoming a registered Massage Therapist, she is always looking for the next adventure! In her spare time, she loves to do yoga, cook, and enjoy a nice glass of wine with friends.

Sarah Bahreini, Personal Concierge

Sarah Bahreini

Personal Concierge

Originally from Toronto, Sarah moved to Montreal to study business at McGill University. She began her career working in investment banking and private equity in both Montreal and Toronto. It wasn't long before Sarah realized that her true passion lay in event planning and project management - skills that she first developped working as an event coordinator during her years at University. Sarah chose to switch careers and look for an oppotunity to that would marry her event planning skills with her love of travel.

Now, as a personal concierge, Sarah enjoys working with guests to make sure that all the details of their holidays are just right. Having travelled extensively herself throughout the Caribbean and Europe (especially Paris), Sarah is great at making recommendations and pointing out the best things to do in any destination.

Talia Barnum, Personal Concierge

Talia Barnum

Personal Concierge

Talia is a Vancouver, British Columbia native with a degree in Business Management and a passion for travel. Some of Talia’s earliest memories are of travelling to destinations around the world with her family, who themselves moved to Canada from the United Kingdom. Among her favorite destinations are Fiji, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Italy and France, but Talia’s yearly go-to travel spots are Sayulita, Mexico and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica for surfing. Talia fell in love with the sport at 10 years old!

In fact, Talia is an accomplished track athlete, high-level soccer player and national gold medal volleyball player. When she is not working, Talia enjoys keeping active by hiking, spinning, running and working out. This balances well with her other passions for food and wine, trying out new restaurants and bars around Montreal. Joining the Rental Escapes Concierge team was a natural choice for Talia as she enjoys sharing her passion for travel, experience and appreciation of life’s finer things with her guests to help them build unforgettable memories.

Isabelle Mathieu, Reservations Manager

Isabelle Mathieu

Partnerships Manager

Isabelle has enjoyed a distinguished career in travel since graduating with honors from Algonquin College with a degree in Travel and Tourism. She worked in corporate travel, leisure travel and luxury travel before joining Rental Escapes. Isabelle has traveled extensively, experiencing more than a dozen different countries throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean, North America and Central America. Most memorable, were her four humanitarian trips where she got to live with local families, help build houses and work in schools.

Isabelle brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the team and is passionate about travel. Whenever possible, she always recommends that her guests make sure to enjoy the local flavor of the destinations they visit and experience the uniqueness of their surroundings. As Partnerships Manager, Isabelle is focused on growing our selection of properties and local experiences through strategic partnerships with top-tier companies. She also works very closely with our Travel Agent partners providing support and tailored offers for them and their guests.

Amanda Gabrielli, Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

Amanda Gabrielli

Social Media/Marketing Manager

Amanda was born in Florida, but moved to Montreal when she was very young. She studied English Literature at university before deciding that her true passion lay in a more visually creative area of study. And so, she earned a professional photography degree. In addition to documenting her travels to some of her favorite destinations like Vancouver, Cuba, Israel, New York City and Las Vegas, she worked as a food photographer and popular restaurant blogger for several years. She still knows the best spots to eat around Montreal.

Having grown up in the digital age, Amanda has always been an avid user of social media. It wasn't long before she leveraged her background in photography and creative writing to build a successful career in social media marketing and advertising. With nearly a decade of experience under her belt, Amanda helms our social media presence and helps communicate Rental Escapes' unique luxury offerings to the world.

Adam Cartwright, Web Content Manager

Adam Cartwright

Web Team Manager

Adam brings experience, eagerness and a scrupulous nature to an already amazing team. His work ethic and drive are second to none. Though not a frequent traveler, Adam's eagerness to learn has given him extensive knowledge of different places around the world. That knowledge has helped him move through the ranks at Rental Escapes. Adam is responsible for ensuring that every property in the Rental Escapes portfolio looks fantastic and provides our loyal travelers with a complete picture of all the features and amenities that the villa has to offer.

Born in Florida, Adam has lived in Montreal since 1994. Outside of work, he is completing a college degree and plays competitive curling. Adam is an avid sports fan and loves to spend his weekends on the baseball diamond or the hockey rink.

Ali Ellis, Web Content Coordinator

Ali Ellis

Web Content Coordinator

Ali was born and raised in Indiana, where she attended Indiana University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management. Her passion for travel led her to continue her studies in Australia where she spent several months studying and exploring the region. She had the opportunity to travel to New Zealand and Indonesia and has plans to continue exploring the world.

After completing her studies Ali worked in customer service and as an event planner, managing and organizing events ranging in size from a handful to thousands of attendees. As a member of our web team, Ali applies her love of travel and aptitude for organization and communication to carefully curate the content of the Rental Escapes webiste, ensuring a positive user experience for all our guests.

Angela Doric, Web Content Manager

Angela Doric

Web Content Coordinator

Angela was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario where she attended University and earned and Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management. Her passion for travel and sense of adventure have led Angela to travel extensively — preferably off the beaten path — often spending months at a time immersing herself in her surroundings. She is thoroughly familiar with Romania, where she has spent many months, but has also extensively explored Madrid, Sevilla, Cordoba and other areas of Spain while living in Bilbao. In all, Angela has visited nearly a dozen countries across Europe. Recently, Angela embarked on a months-long road-trip across Canada's beautiful east coast where she lived out of a backpack and spent 5 weeks studying French in Nova Scotia.

Angela embarked on her biggest adventure yet when in September 2018, she decided to move on her own to Montreal, looking to establish a life in Canada's most exciting city. Her penchant for travel led her to Rental Escapes where she works with our team to carefully curate our website's content and inventory of properties. And, when the snow melts, she plans to run her first half-marathon.