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From $35,000 /night
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3 6 3 + 1 half
$15,000 - $25,000 /night

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Nevada Visitors Guide

Though most people automatically think of Las Vegas whenever they think of Nevada vacation rentals, the state is also home to some magnificent landscapes and plenty of natural beauty, like the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe. In fact, travelers to Nevada are often shocked by how much the state has to offer, as a drive through to its desert roads can reveals plenty of little towns and cities that offer a fascinating glimpse into the state's deep history. Plus, wherever you go, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, after which the state was named, are never too far away, providing a dramatic backdrop for the state's lakes, rivers and deserts.

Transportation to Nevada Vacation Rentals

If you're looking to stay near Las Vegas, then a car rental is probably not necessary, as most of your time will be spent on foot, exploring the famous Vegas strip. Taxi cabs within Las Vegas are also plentiful, and in any case most destinations are not too far away. If you're visiting Lake Tahoe, a rental may be necessary if you're planning to drive around and explore the area around the lake, as well as if you're planning any hiking excursions. If, however, you're looking to simply relax by the lake, or plan on doing any sailing or boating, then you likely won't need a car rental, since most of your time will be spent near the water.

Saving Money with Nevada Vacation Rentals

Obviously, both Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe offer their fair share of hotel rooms, but they often can't compare to the value offered by Nevada vacation rentals, especially if you consider how many people these rentals can accommodate for the same price. Also, rentals often come equipped with their own kitchens, meaning travelers can save a ton of money by cooking up their own meals. Considering barbeques are also common in Nevada rentals, you'll even get a chance to try out some local recipes. Plus, if you're staying with a family, you'll be sure to appreciate the extra privacy provided by rentals, which often come equipped with their own pools and sun-lounging areas.

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