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  • What to Pack for a Caribbean Vacation | Rental Escapes
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    Caribbean vacation checklist: What to Pack

    If you’ve landed on a luxury villa in the Caribbean for your next vacation, you’re certainly in for a treat: from top-notch beaches to water sports, hiking, cave exploration, stunning landscapes, delicious local food, music, rum, and more- there is truly something for everyone. But when preparing for your trip, knowing what to pack really helps. Here’s what to take with you, ...

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  • 6 Ways to Make the Most of your Hawaiian Vacation | Rental Escapes
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    6 Ways to Make the Most of your Hawaiian Vacation

    As far as island getaways go, it’s tough to beat a luxury vacation in Hawaii. But the question is, in a place that welcomes millions of visitors each year, what’s the best way to have a unique experience? Here are 6 ways to make the most of your Hawaiian vacation by venturing off the beaten path:   1. Hike Kaupo Gap Kaupo ...

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  • Five Must-See Attractions in Saint Lucia | Rental Escapes
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    Saint Lucia’s History & Culture: 5 Must-See Attractions

    For history buffs with a penchant for the Caribbean islands, St. Lucia is the ideal destination. While the friendly island’s formal institutions are remnants of its European colonial heritage, its vibrant folk culture originates with its African population. Believe it or not, St. Lucia is famous for more than its stunning beaches! It is also known for its historical and cultural attractions: ...

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  • Best Beach Getaways | Rental Escapes Luxury Villas
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    9 Favorite Celebrity Beach Getaways

    1. Nikki Beach, St. Barts Nikki Beach in St. Jean can best be described as a sensory experience complete with pulsing music, mouthwatering food, inspiring art, and haute-couture fashion—all with a magnificent backdrop of white sand and clear blue water. The club at Nikki Beach is very popular among celebrities and has played host to the likes of Mariah Carey and Gwen ...

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  • A local guide to Jamaican cuisine | Rental Escapes
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    A Local’s Guide to Jamaican Cuisine

    Eating the traditional food of a country is one of the best parts of traveling. Fortunately, Jamaica offers visitors some truly fantastic flavors—along with some equally incredible places to try them. Whether you’re planning a trip to Jamaica for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, a friend adventure, or flying solo, consider the following Jamaican must-trys: 1. Jerk Chicken If you ask ...

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    Luxurious wineries in Europe not-to-be-missed in 2019

    Any bonafide wine lover knows that there are very few countries that can rival the number of different grape varieties and styles produced throughout the 20 wine regions of Italy, land of unsung gems and underrated wines. And French wine, of course, is known to be among the best in the world: you probably won’t find a more enticingly diverse place to ...

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    World’s 5 Most Beautiful Helicopter Rides

    Some landscapes simply demand a view from above. And sometimes these views can only be done justice aboard a helicopter. Indeed, nothing compares to the heart-expanding feeling of liftoff, the sound of the whirring blades, and the jaw-dropping sights from on high. Daredevils and photography enthusiasts alike will find an unforgettable experience in these 5 most beautiful helicopter rides! Kauai Napali Coast, Hawaii ...

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  • 5 Most Intimate Estates in the Caribbean
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    5 Most Intimate Estates in the Caribbean

    Whether you’re planning a Valentine’s Day getaway, an intimate friend vacation, or a family bonding trip, booking just the right luxury Caribbean getaway to foster the kind of intimacy you’re after is key to sharing the unique experiences you seek. Here’s our undeniably inspirational list of the 5 most intimate estates in the Caribbean: 1. Villa O, Orient Bay, St Martin A ...

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  • Top Ski Mountains in the American West
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    Top 4 Ski Mountains in the American West

    Although known for its wide stretches of unencumbered land (and cowboy shootouts), the Western US also happens to be one of the most popular skiing regions on earth thanks to its high-elevation mountains, blessed as they are with copious amounts of perfect skiing snow. Rental Escapes is proud to offer you a truly lavish collection of luxury ski chalets located in the heart ...

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