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Guide to Luxury Villa Rentals in France

From restored chateaus to simple "gîtes" (a French term that usually refers to a country house), France vacation rentals can be found in nearly every price range. Of course, the exact accommodation depends on the region one is visiting. Paris vacation rentals, for example, typically consist of apartments within any of the city's various districts or arrondissement, as the French call them. Although houseboats docked on the Seine are also popular, Provence vacation rentals typically consist of free-standing country homes that overlook the countryside. No matter what type of accommodation you choose, it's possible to find rentals in nearly every price range, which is very useful considering how expensive hotels in France can be.

What to Expect visiting France

With so many different regions, France is undoubtedly one of the most diverse vacation rental destinations in the world. From quaint villages in Provence to beautiful vineyards in Languedoc-Roussillon, and from the beachside loveliness of the Cote d'Azur to the rich history of Paris, France is home to some of the most incredible scenery, culture, and food in the world. Not surprisingly, then, France is one of the most popular destinations within Europe, since it offers ski, beach and country holidays, as well as world-class cities providing the best in shopping, dining, and art. With all this variety, it's also not surprising that there are a ton of unique France vacation rentals available for travelers as well.

Gastronomy in France

The cuisine in France is known worldwide to be in a league of its own; foie gras, truffles, Roquefort cheese, escargot, croissants, baguettes... the food in itself is a journey of the senses! A traditional french gastronomic experience encompasses a few components, bookended by an aperitif and a digestif. There are at least four courses; an appetizer, a fish or meat dish, a cheese plate, and then dessert, all of which are accompanied by fresh bread and top-notch wine.

French Culture

French traditions and their way of life hold a particular charm for those traveling within the region. Some aspects of the culture are world-famous, such as their intense devotion the French have for fine food and wine, haute couture, and passionate romance. Others are less well-known, and you'll only notice it if you've made a faux pas. While the French may seem closed off, they are just more formal and reserved than say Americans. They expect travelers to be kind and courteous when visiting their country, and appreciate a "bonjour" or "bonsoir" (good morning/good evening) when meeting or entering a shop.

When's the Best Time to Visit France

The best times to visit France are in the spring (April-May), summer (June-August) and autumn (September-October). While the country enjoys year-round mild temperatures, they do vary by region. For example, if you want to visit Paris, the city of lights, without the hustle and bustle of travelers, winter is prime. The crowds are smaller, and the restaurants are lively with Parisians, who usually vacate the city during July and August, as it's packed with tourists!

The Must-Knows Before Visiting France

Whether you're traveling to France for the first time, or are exploring a new area within the country, make the most out of your experience by being courteous to those living within the country, being aware of their customs and learning enough french to get yourself around the city.

What is the Currency in France?

The currency in France is Euros. The best place to exchange your money is within the airport at a branded kiosk, or inside of the city. Ask your concierge if they have information on a place that is known to give the best conversion rate.

Do You Tip in France?

While there are no rules about tipping in France, the practice is becoming more comparable to the culture in Canada and the US. For example, at a cafe, bar, or small restaurant, it's customary to leave €1; for every €20. In larger restaurants, there may be already a service charge included within your bill which you can see above the line for TVA (European Value Added Tax). Taxi drivers are also tipped, typically around €4-€6 depending on the service and length of the ride. If it's exceptionally long, you may tip up to &eur;10.

Is France English Friendly?

The French language is the only official language in France. While you will find some English speakers in areas that are dense with tourists, it's common knowledge that if you don't at least try to speak the French language with Parisians, they likely won't return the favor. Enlist in a tour guide, or brush up on a few common French phrases that will help you through your trip. When in doubt, use a translation app!

What is the Temperature in France Like?

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Most Popular Villa Rentals in France

One thing travelers love about France vacation rentals in at the owners often seek to offer their guests an experience, rather than simple accommodation. Often, guests will be greeted with a gift basket offering local produce, a bottle of local wine, and perhaps even a baguette or two. Owners are also generally available to help guests should they have any concerns, as well as to recommend any local attractions or restaurants that the traveler may not know of. Because the vacation rental industry is more mature in France, owners offer these little extras to remain competitive and ensure that their guests not only return, but also that they recommend the rental to others as well.

To truly experience the trip of a lifetime, use Rental Escapes' Personal Concierge Service. Our team will be delighted to develop a unique, personalized vacation itinerary for your needs. From Turn-key Themed Packages for romance, adrenaline or gastronomy, to securing tickets to the most exclusive parties and events, our Personal Concierge Service will ensure your trip to France is one you'll never forget!

Luxury Villa Rentals in St. Tropez France

The little town of St. Tropez has become synonymous with luxury, prestige, and wealth. Known for their gorgeous sandy beaches, nightlife, architecture, galleries, and yacht-filled old port, once you step foot in St. Tropez, you'll understand why artists have been flocking to this area since the 60s.

Luxury Villa Rentals in Cannes France

Famous for its international film festival, Cannes is has become one of the most iconic resort towns to visit in all of France. Marrying the old and new worlds, its coast is lined with lavish beaches, upscale boutiques, and century-old mansions. Envelop yourself in the rich history of this iconic town by booking a luxury villa today!

Luxury Villa Rentals in the South of France

To speak of spending your time off vacationing in the South of France evokes memories of the glamourous 50s, and still rings true today. Though there is more to le midi than just its extravagant resort towns, experiencing the South of France's sun-soaked beaches, world-famous wineries, and the finest Michelin Star restaurants should be on everyone's bucket list

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