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Your Guide to Terres Basses Villas

Located along the island’s northwestern tip, Terres Basses (or ‘lowlands’ in French) is a gated community renowned for its great views, calm atmosphere, and beautiful beaches. And with their unmatched style and sophistication, Terres Basses villas stand out as among the very best on the island of St Martin.

Like the rest of Saint Martin (St Martin’s French side), the history of Terres Basses was initially intertwined with the sugar and salt economies. However, once the tourism boom of the 20th century began, Terres Basses became known for its natural beauty. To maintain this beauty, the government set development restrictions that limited the density of buildings.

Today, Terres Basses villas blend seamlessly into the environment in part because of these restrictions. They are also among the most luxurious in the Caribbean, with top-tier amenities like infinity pools, private gyms, home cinemas, game rooms, and more.

Renting a luxury villa in Terres Basses is easy with Rental Escapes. First, choose your travel dates. Next, choose your party size. From there, your Rental Escapes villa specialist will happily present you with the best available Terres Basses villas for your group. After, your concierge customizes your trip, including transportation, chef service, boat charters, excursions, and more.

Les Terres Basses – St Martin

Home to some of the best beaches on the island – Plum Bay, Long Bay, and Baie Rouge –Terres Basses is the ultimate place to relax and chill on St Martin.

Top places to rent Terres Basses villas include along Baie Longue, with its long stretches of coastline; Baie Rouge, with its pinkish-hued sand; Plum Bay, with its family-oriented atmosphere; and in the hillsides with their panoramic views.

No matter where you choose, expect top-end amenities and either direct beach access or close proximity to the beach. You can also expect 5-star service from the villa staff and your Rental Escapes Concierge.

Baie Rouge Villas

Located along the northern edge of Terres Basses and close to the beautiful Trou de David (David’s Hole) snorkelling spot, Baie Rouge has some of the prettiest landscapes you’ll find on the island. Baie Rouge villas blend in seamlessly with a perfect balance of nature and sophistication. They include:

Villa La Rêve: One of Baie Rouge’s best villas, the recently constructed La Reve offers a truly unique rental experience. Donned with art from around the world, every corner of this villa reveals a new surprise. There’s also a private tennis court, spa, billiard room, gym, and a media room to keep you busy. Best of all, it’s beachfront on the beautiful Baie Rouge.

L’Oasis: Also beachfront along Baie Rouge, L’Oasis offers a private refuge for up to 12 guests. Outside, the two beachfront pools punctuate the beachfront living experience. Inside, the architecture revolves around maximizing your enjoyment of the beautiful ocean vistas around you. Additional features like a private spa and gym, as well as full staff (including chef) only further the serenity.

Mes Amis: Sitting atop a hillside overlooking Baie Rouge, Mes Amis is a flexible option that is always a popular choice for families. The central feature of this villa is balancing indoor and outdoor living, which it does perfectly. Mes Amis can also be rented as a 7,8,9 or up to 14-bedroom estate. Its expansive design also makes it a perfect venue for destination weddings and other special events.

Baie Longue Villas

The largest beach in Terres Basses, Baie Longue’s size means you’re never too far from a secluded spot. You can find Baie Longue villas all along the coastline. They include:

Turtle Nest: An elegant 4-bedroom choice along the northern tip of Baie Longue, Turtle Nest is an exercise in sophisticated simplicity. It’s a great choice for a group of couples, since each of its bedrooms are well-appointed and equally sized. And its beachfront location means you’re always just a few steps from those shimmering azure waters.

La Josephine: A classic Caribbean villa surrounded by rich tropical gardens, La Josephine is a long-standing guest favorite. The estate’s multiple buildings are connected by terraces, and the infinity pool at the center serves as the villa’s centerpiece. Accommodating 12-14 guests, it makes a great choice for families and multigenerational groups.

Casa de la Playa: With its expansive ocean views and its focus on rich, natural materials, Casa de la Playa provides the perfect contrast between the vastness of the ocean and the warmth of the home. Take a dip in the infinity pool and gaze out at the sea. Enjoy a meal alfresco, prepared by your chef. Unwind in the great room and admire the artwork from around the world. No matter what you choose to do, this villa offers an elevated experience.

Plum Bay Villas

An even quieter part of Terres Basses, Plum Bay is also home to some of the island’s largest and most lavish villas. Plum Bay villas are also often fully staffed, so you can truly unwind. They include:?

Sandyline: Spread out over a sprawling 2 hectares, Sandyline features a lovely outdoor living area designed to maximize tranquillity. The villa also serves up a ton of amenities to keep guests active throughout their stay, including two swimming pools, a lit tennis court, a billiard room, and a full gym. And it’s all highlighted by breathtaking views over Plum Bay.

Les Palmiers Bleus: Just a short walk to Plum Bay Beach, Les Palmiers Bleus is seriously stylish. Every inch of this villa has been carefully considered to maximize your enjoyment - from the designer furnishing to the rooftop terrace. Throw in lush landscaping, a tennis court, and an overflow pool and you have one of Plum Bay’s best villas.

Château des Palmiers: Grand, regal, and majestic, Chateau des Palmiers is a sprawling estate that truly offers the ultimate in a Caribbean villa. It’s spread out over multiple buildings and includes a full gym, tennis court, and putting green. The artwork is rich and ornate, and the service is exceptional, including from your private chef. Now this is beachfront luxury.

Terres Basses Villas FAQ

What are the Entry Requirements for Terres Basses?

All visitors to Saint Martin must present a valid passport upon entry. You may need an additional tourist visa if you’re traveling from outside the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

How to Get to Terres Basses?

Most visitors to Saint Martin will fly in, landing at Princess Juliana International Airport. From there, it’s just a 15-minute drive to Terres Basses. Your Rental Escapes Concierge can assist with airport transfers.

How to Get Around Terres Basses?

The best way to get around Terres Basses is by rental car. The roads are in good condition and are easy to navigate. A rental car will also let you see more of the island. Private drivers and taxis are also available. You can also get around by boat charter if you want to see more of the coastline. Your Concierge can arrange rental cars, boat charters, private drivers, and any other transportation needs.

Is Terres Basses Safe?

Yes, Terres Basses is very safe. Terres Basses itself is a gated community. Security actively monitors visitors, and maintenance teams regularly upkeep the roads. That said, do watch out for sun exposure and be sure to check water conditions before swimming, snorkeling, or doing any water sports.

When’s the Best Time to go to Terres Basses?

Peak season in Terres Basses is from December to April. This is when the island is busiest (though Terres Basses usually does not crowd). Still, the weather is great this time of year, with little rain and mild temperatures.
Shoulder season is May-June and November-December. The weather is still relatively mild but with a higher chance of showers. Still, you’ll have much more of the island to yourself. It’s also a great time to go if you love snorkeling.
Low season is July-November. This is when there is the highest chance of rain, and occasionally some stormy weather. That said, this is also when you’ll find the most availability and the best deals on Terres Basses villas.

What are the Best Things to do in Terres Basses?

Hit the beach: Between Baie Longue, Baie Rouge, and Plum Bay, Terres Basses is home to some of the island’s most pristine beaches. They’re a favorite of both guests and locals, so be sure to hit each one up.
Take a boat charter: Boat charters routinely take off from Terres Basses. Whether you want to see more of the coast, nearby Anguilla, or some great snorkeling opportunities, your Concierge can arrange the perfect boat charter for you.
Visit Trou de David: Trou de David (David’s Hole) is a secluded cove surrounded by dramatic rock formations and a small beach area. It’s arguably Terres Basse’s most stunning natural sight. It’s also a great, surprisingly uncrowded snorkeling spot.

How’s the Food in Terres Basses?

Terres Basses is mostly a residential area, however nearby you’ll find some great restaurants. Marigot, the capital of Saint Martin, is close by and has some great French restaurants. You can also find lolos – roadside stands serving up delicious local fare – in both Marigot and Grand Case.
Many of our Terres Basses villas also include chef service, and additional chef service and villa pre-stocking can be arranged by your Concierge.

How’s the Weather in Terres Basses?

Terres Basses benefits from a tropical climate, with a mild dry season and a warmer rainy season.
Winter is warm and dry, with average daytime temperatures around 25°C (77°F), dipping to 19°C (66°F) at night. Rain is scarce, averaging about 60mm (2.36 inches) during this period.
Spring brings slightly warmer and more humid conditions. Daytime averages increase to 27°C (81°F), with nights at around 21°C (70°F). Rainfall is moderate, averaging 70mm (2.76 inches) monthly.
Summer is characterized by heat. Daytime temperatures are about 30°C (86°F), and nights drop to around 25°C (77°F). This season also marks the hurricane season's onset, with an average rainfall of 100mm (3.94 inches) per month (though usually just brief showers).
Fall weather varies. Average daytime temperatures are around 29°C (84°F), cooling to 24°C (75°F) at night. Fall is also the wettest season, with up to 150mm (5.91 inches) of rain per month. The rain often comes in short bursts and is interspersed with sunshine.

Book a Terres Basses Villa with Rental Escapes

If you’re hoping to visit this beautiful part of Saint Martin, Rental Escapes can elevate your Terre Basses villa rental into a true luxury experience.

Our portfolio includes the finest Terres Basses villas, including Baie Rouge villas, Baie Longue villas, Plum Bay villas, and more.

Your Rental Escapes reservations expert can find the best luxury villa for your group, and your concierge personalizes your trip to create the ultimate Terres Basses villa experience.

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