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Your Guide to Saint Martin Villas

Renowned for its laid-back rhythms and gorgeous landscapes, St Martin’s French side, located along the northwest of the island and officially called ‘Saint Martin,’ offers a serene contrast to the busier Dutch side. And with their privacy, style, and sophistication, Saint Martin villas stand out among the very best in the Caribbean.

The history of Saint Martin can officially be traced back to 1648’s Treaty of Concordia, which separated the island into distinct French and Dutch parts. This distinction is still in place today, with the French side of St Martin seeing the influence of French architecture and culture. This includes the open spaces, airy designs, and wide verandas that continue to define Saint Martin villas.

Today, Saint Martin villas stand out as among the very best stays on the island. Located in exclusive neighborhoods all along the coast, they are a strong testament to the good taste and natural beauty that make this destination so special.

Renting a luxury villa in Saint Martin is easy with Rental Escapes. First, choose your travel dates. Next, choose your party size. From there, your Rental Escapes villa specialist will happily present you with the best available Saint Martin villas for your group. After, your concierge customizes your trip, including transportation, chef service, boat charters, excursions, and more.

St Martin Villa Rentals (French Side)

Home to some of the island’s most luxurious stays, Saint Martin villas can be found all along the island’s northwestern coast.

Top places to rent Saint Martin villas include Terres Basses, an exclusive gated community with large villas on private beaches; Orient Bay, a lively beach area with a French Riviera vibe; Grand Case, a laid-back fishing village with great restaurants; Anse Marcel, known for its quiet cove and laid-back marina; Mont Vernon, with its lovely panoramic views; and more.

No matter where you stay, expect top-end amenities like private infinity pools, large gourmet kitchens, expansive outdoor living areas, private balconies, and more. You can also expect 5-star service, including from your Rental Escapes concierge.

Terres Basses Villas

Home to some of Saint Martin’s best beaches, including Baie Longue, Plum Bay, and Baie Rouge, Terres Basses is an exclusive gated community that offers a secluded feel while still being conveniently located. Terres Basses villas are suitably grand and include some of the island’s most luxurious stays. They include:

Chateau des Palmiers: Located on Plum Bay, Chateaux des Plamiers stands out as one of the largest, most fully-featured estates in the Caribbean. It features a private beach, a tennis court, a one-hole putting green, a full gym, a full staff (including chef service), and so much more. This villa truly is a state of mind.

Mes Amis: Spanning an impressive 14 bedrooms across 5 acres, Mes Amis is one of our most popular villas for large groups. And with its cliff-top views, it offers remarkable panoramic views all throughout, including from its two heated pools, its multiple terraces, and its clifftop jacuzzi. With so much space, it makes a perfect venue for weddings.

Le Caprice: Sitting atop Baie Rouge, La Caprice is a 7-bedroom villa that offers life-affirming views of the Caribbean and the Simpson Bay Lagoon from its main terrace. It also offers easy access to the beach, chic, sophisticated styling, and beautiful landscaping throughout. A truly aesthetic choice.

Orient Bay Villas

Known as the Saint Tropez of the Caribbean, Orient Bay is home to a beautiful beach and some of the best beach bars and restaurants in Saint Martin. Orient Bay villas reflect this focus on beachfront living with stylish hilltop villas that offer great views. They include:

Beauvoir: With panoramic views and a location that’s just a short walk to the beach, Beauvoir is the ultimate way to experience Orient Bay. Its open design evokes a breezy atmosphere, and the four bedrooms all open directly onto the terrace or the grounds. A beautiful villa and a great choice for families.

Mango: A sleek, modern villa, Mango’s layout is punctuated by its outdoor pool deck overlooking Orient Bay. It also features a convenient location that’s just steps from the shops, dining, and nightlife that make Orient Bay so special, as well as a 15-minute walk from the beach itself.

Villa Indigo Pearl: An expansive, spacious villa replete with natural materials and stunning views, Villa Indigo Pearl sits atop Hope Hill and offers a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. And with 3 bedrooms, it makes a great choice for couples or a small family.

Grand Case Villas

With a stretch of some of the best restaurants and lolos in Saint Martin, Grand Case is a foodie heaven. Grande Case villas are close by to all the delicious action while offering gourmet kitchens of their own. They include:

Petit Plage 5: Located at a secluded spot at the end of Grande Case, Petit Plage 5 offers a haven of serenity. It’s beautifully landscaped and designed, with cloister walkways, an open-concept interior, and contemporary works of art throughout. There’s also a jaw-dropping chef’s kitchen and easy access to the beach, restaurants, and the Grand Case Beach Club. A perfect location.

Petit Plage 4: If you’re looking for a smaller option, the neighboring Petit Plage 4 makes an excellent choice as well. Like its big sister, it is perfectly located and features a fine attention to detail. The bathrooms alone can be considered works of art, and are adorned with semi-precious stone fixtures and feature ocean views. Together with Petit Plage 5, this is the ultimate way to experience Grande Case.

Dreamin Blue: Located in nearby Happy Bay, Dreamin Blue offers breathtaking panoramic views, especially from its beautifully landscaped terrace. There you’ll find two heated pools and a bubble bath overlooking the shimmering sapphire of the sea. The villa also includes a fitness room with an infrared sauna, and it’s just a 5-minute walk to Happy Bay Beach.

Saint Martin Villas FAQ

What are the Entry Requirements for Saint Martin?

You must present a valid passport to enter Saint Martin. Travelers from outside the US, Canada, EU, UK, Australia, and New Zealand may need an additional tourist visa as well.

How to Get to Saint Martin?

Most visitors to Saint Martin will fly into Princess Juliana International Airport. It’s one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean and services regular flights from around the world. Most locations on the French side are a 30-minute drive at most from the airport. You can also ferry in from Anguilla or St. Barts. Your Concierge can arrange airport or ferry transfers.

How to Get around Saint Martin?

The best way to get around St Martin’s French side is by renting a car. Saint Martin’s roads are in good condition and are easy to drive, and a car rental will let you see much more of the island on your own terms. Taxis and private drivers are also a good option. If taking a taxi, be sure to agree on the fare beforehand, as taxis are not metered. Boat charters are also a great way to explore more of the island. Your Concierge can help with rental cars, private drivers, boat charters, and any other transportation needs.

What’s the Difference Between St Martin’s Dutch and French side?

Saint Martin, the island’s French side, has a more laid-back European vibe. French is also the dominant language, and you’ll see plenty of French cultural influence, especially in terms of food and shopping. The beaches here are also more pristine and less crowded. Nightlife is also quieter, with a bigger focus on beachfront bars.

Is St Martin’s French Side Safe?

St Martin’s French side is very safe for tourists. Still, that doesn’t mean you should leave your belongings unattended or walk around poorly lit areas after dark. Travelers should also be aware of the risk of sun exposure and check water conditions before swimming or snorkeling. That said, St Martin does have good medical facilities, and the roads are generally safe to drive.

When’s the Best Time to Go to Saint Martin?

Peak season in Saint Martin runs from December to April. The weather is at its mildest, with plenty of sun and little rainfall. However, crowds are also at their peak at this time, including for beaches and restaurants.
Shoulder season runs from May to June and November-December. The weather is still great, though with the occasional shower. However, the crowds are much lower, which means a more relaxing experience. April-June is also when you’ll have the best underwater visibility for snorkeling.
Low season runs from July to November. This is when the chance of rain is highest, with occasional stormy weather in August and September. Some restaurants and attractions may also be closed. Still, this is when you’ll find the fewest tourists and the best deals.

What are the Best Things to do in Saint Martin?

Explore the beaches: Between the lively beach bars of Orient Bay, the delicious restaurants of Grande Case Beach, and the simple serenity of Anse Marcel or Baie Longue, there’s a beach for every taste in Saint Martin.
Hike Pic Paradis: The highest point on the island, Pic Paradis offers panoramic views and a range of hiking trails, ranging from easy to challenging.
Take a boat charter: A boat charter will let you explore more of Saint Martin’s coastline, as well as see neighboring islands like Anguilla and St Barts. You can also take a snorkeling trip to Creole Rock, known for its diverse marine life.

How’s the Food in Saint Martin?

Often heralded as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, Saint Martin’s food is a delightful mix of French and Caribbean influences. You can high-quality bistros serving up French cuisine, as well as plenty of places specializing in fresh seafood. And be sure to stop at the lolos, open-air eateries serving up a variety of local fare.
Many of our Saint Martin villas also include chef service, and additional chef service and villa pre-stocking can be arranged by your concierge.

How’s the Weather in Saint Martin?

Saint Martin benefits from a tropical climate, with a distinct dry and rainy season.
Winter in Saint Martin sees warm and dry conditions. The average daytime temperatures hover around a comfortable 25°C (77°F), cooling down to around 19°C (66°F) in the evenings. Rainfall is minimal during these months, with an average of just about 60mm (2.36 inches).
Spring in Saint Martin sees a slight increase in both temperature and humidity. Average daytime temperatures rise to around 27°C (81°F), while nighttime temperatures are typically around 21°C (70°F). This season sees a moderate amount of rainfall, averaging around 70mm (2.76 inches) per month.
Summer in Saint Martin is hot, with average daytime temperatures reaching about 30°C (86°F) and night temperatures around 25°C (77°F). This period also marks the beginning of the hurricane season, although direct hits are rare. The island receives an average of 100mm (3.94 inches) of rainfall per month, typically in the form of short showers.
Fall sees variable weather, with increased stability later in the season. Average daytime temperatures are around 29°C (84°F), cooling slightly to about 24°C (75°F) at night. The island receives the most rainfall during this season, with monthly averages reaching up to 150mm (5.91 inches). While there is a higher chance of rain, showers are often short-lived, and there are still plenty of sunny intervals.

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If you’re hoping to visit this beautiful part of the Caribbean, Rental Escapes can elevate your Saint Martin villa rental into a true luxury experience.

Our portfolio includes the finest Saint Martin villas, including Terres Basses villas, Orient Bay villas, Grand Case villas, and more.

Your Rental Escapes reservations expert can find the best luxury villa for your group, and your concierge personalizes your trip to create the ultimate Saint Martin villa experience.

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