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6 12 6
31,250 - 40,000 /night
12 24 12
3,286 - 6,429 /night
9 17 8 + 1 half
3,268 - 4,982 /night
6 12 6
3,265 - 4,081 /night
9 18 9
3,250 - 4,081 /night
11 22 11
3,071 - 5,643 /night
6 12 5
2,714 - 3,367 /night
7 14 7
2,449 - 3,674 /night
12 24 12
2,143 - 3,571 /night
6 12 5
2,143 - 2,857 /night
5 10 5
2,041 - 3,265 /night
6 10 6
1,960 - 4,654 /night
3 6 3
1,633 - 2,204 /night
5 10 4 + 1 half
1,600 - 1,750 /night
4 8 4
1,214 - 2,700 /night
4 8 3
1,132 - 2,571 /night
4 8 4
974 - 1,461 /night
4 8 3
857 - 1,314 /night

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Your Guide to Sorrento Luxury Villas

With its beautiful coastline, narrow streets, and lovely architecture, Sorrento is considered one of the most popular and beautiful destinations on the Amalfi Coast - even if it’s technically part of the Sorrentine Peninsula, on the opposite side of the Bay of Naples.

Sorrento luxury villas in particular have been popular since Roman times when they were constructed by patricians to enjoy the fabulous landscapes and beautiful climate that the city is known for. From the Middle Ages onwards, Sorrento attracted nobility from across Europe and, later, the world to build their own holiday villas, including writers, intellectuals, and poets like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Lord Byron, and Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Today, many of Sorrento’s best villas can be found by the coastline, on rocky cliffs that overlook a mesmerizing sea. They stand out as amongst the most luxurious villas on (or near) the Amalfi Coast. And they offer unparalleled luxury and privacy, especially when compared to a hotel.

Reserving a villa in Sorrento is easy with Rental Escapes. Just let your villa specialist know your approximate travel dates and party size, and they’ll present you with the best available options for your group. Once booked, your concierge can help with all the details - airport transfers, car rentals, boat charters, restaurant reservations, private chef service, and so much more, including any special requests you may have.

Luxury Villas in Sorrento

Thanks to its location and the availability of ferries and boat charters, a luxury villa in Sorrento makes for a perfect base to explore the Amalfi Coast, especially if you’re traveling in the warmer months and want to relax by a private pool or on the coastline.

Unlike hotels, luxury villas in Sorrento are unique, private, and perfectly located. All of our Sorrento villas are independently owned, and they’ve often been passed down across generations, evident in everything from the décor to the façade to the intricate gardens.

While many of our villas are located in the town of Sorrento itself, some are located by the cliffs a few minutes outside of town, giving you a number of options for privacy and convenience. Options include large historic villas; more intimate villas that are perfect for smaller groups; and, of course, villas with beautiful private pools to soak up the Sorrento sun.

Historic Villas in Sorrento

With such a long history of luxury villas, it’s no surprise that Sorrento is also home to a number of historic estates as well. Often featuring a typical Mediterranean style, these villas combine traditional architecture, authentic artifacts, and modern amenities. Some top choices here include:

Syrene: Easily the most fabulous villa across Sorrento – if not southern Italy – Villa Syrene is a neoclassical masterpiece that offers unparalleled 270-degree views of the Bay of Naples, private sea access, and centuries of care and history. Stroll through its enchanting gardens, take in its galleries, or breathe in the sea air – this is one of the most beautiful villas in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Dodola: A traditional Nepalese villa in the best possible way, Dodola is a three-story home surrounded by intricate gardens and featuring a large pool with a hydro-massage area, a perfect contrast to the understated elegance found inside. It’s a few minutes out from Sorrento, offering a perfect blend of relaxation, ambiance, and convenience for up to 22 guests.

Galene: A half-hour from Sorrento and just five minutes from the beach, the 3-story Galene offers up to 10 guests a serene escape. It includes a large private pool, a jetted plunge pool, and an elegant, unique look, replete with authentic artwork. A great choice for groups that want to enjoy the beach and surrounding countryside.

Villas in Sorrento with Pools

Villas in Sorrento with pools are the perfect way to enjoy the lovely Mediterranean climate and jaw-dropping landscapes that this part of Italy is known for. Some top choices include:

Artemunda: Built in 1962 and completely renovated in 2020, Artemunda is one of the most striking modernist villas you’ll find in southern Italy. Colorful, playful, and abounding in modern amenities, this villa includes a sprawling multi-level pool area, surrounded by verdant gardens overlooking the sea. Easily one of the best ways to spend those sunny Sorrento days.

Stradivari: Just 10 minutes out from Sorrento you’ll find Stradivari, a 3-story, 9-bedroom villa with plenty of character. Its multiple bedroom layouts make it a great choice for families, while two acres of manicured garden and a large pool make it a perfect way to experience Sorrento’s beautiful climate.

Gigi: A supremely laid-back villa, Gigi is located just outside Sorrento and features multiple terraces, a pool, a hot tub, and life-affirming ocean views. And with its 7-bedroom, it’s also a great option if you’re a larger group.

Smaller Villas in Sorrento

While many villas in Sorrento are suited for large groups, there are still a number of 4-, 5-, and 6-bedroom villas that are ideal for smaller groups, including groups of friends, couples, and families. Some of the best options include:

Antesea: A beautiful 4-bedroom villa that evokes the best of the sea, Antesea is a modern villa perfectly located along the coast. The highlight is the hot tub, terraces, and direct beach access, all offering ample opportunity to relax and take in the gentle waves and salty air of the sea. A great choice for a group of couples.

Vanisa: Bright and spacious, modern yet traditional, Vanisa is an excellent choice for families and multigenerational groups looking to experience the lifestyle of the Amalfi Coast – especially from its beautiful pool area, overlooking the bay.

Aldana: Supremely private and elegant, Aldana is a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary. The highlight here is the panoramic infinity pool, as well as the multiple terraces, including one with a whirlpool. Coupled with the fantastic views, you have a perfect retreat for a group of couples or a small family.

Sorrento FAQ

What are the Entry Requirements for Sorrento?

Italy is part of the Schengen area, which includes most of the EU. Visitors coming from Schengen countries do not need to show a passport.

Visitors from the UK, Canada, or the US must show a valid passport upon entering Italy unless they are traveling from another Schengen country.

How to Travel to Sorrento?

If you’re traveling by air, then the closest airport to Sorrento is the Naples International Airport, which is about one hour away from Sorrento by car. While the drive is beautiful, it can also be somewhat stressful. If you’re not used to driving in Italy, then a private transfer is recommended.

Sorrento is also reachable from Naples by train, which also takes about an hour. Trains depart every 30 minutes.

You can also take a ferry from Naples, which takes about 30-45 minutes, or a hydrofoil, which takes 20-25 minutes.

Your Rental Escapes concierge is happy to assist with airport transfers, private drivers, rental cars, train tickets, ferry tickets, and more.

When’s the Best Time to Visit Sorrento?

Peak season in Sorrento is from June to August. The weather and water are warmest at this time of year and the beaches are full of action, though crowds and prices are also at their highest.

That’s why many prefer traveling during the shoulder season, especially in late spring and early fall. The weather’s still beautiful and restaurants and attractions are open, but there are fewer crowds. This is also a great time to get a good deal on a Sorrento villa.

Winter is decidedly low season, and some attractions may be closed. If you want to get a taste of what Sorrento is like for a local, this is a good time to go, though any activity on the water will be limited.

Best Things to do in Sorrento?

Visit the historic center: The center of Sorrento is filled with colorful buildings, narrow streets, and bustling piazzas. Take your time and enjoy, and make sure to stop inside the 15th-century Cathedral of Sorrento to appreciate its stunning Baroque frescos.

Charter a boat and explore the coast: There’s no better way to appreciate the Amalfi coast than by boat, especially when you have a private boat charter. Often departing from the Marina Grande – a charming fishing village worth a visit in its own right – Sorrento boat charters come in all shapes and sizes, from adventurous sailing excursions to luxurious yacht trips, and offer exquisite views of one of the most beautiful coastlines anywhere.

Visit Capri: Thanks to its convenient location, Sorrento makes a great base from which to explore the Amalfi Coast. One destination that works especially well for a day trip is Capri since it’s just 20-30 minutes by boat (including ferries). From the clear blue waters, capped off by the stunning Blue Grotto, to the beautiful gardens, including the Gardens of Augustus, Capri is brimming with beauty.

How’s the Food in Sorrento?

Sorrento cuisine places a big emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, prepared using traditional techniques. As you might expect, dishes tend to feature lots of fresh seafood, as well as local vegetables, herbs, and, of course, olive oil.

Local specialties include spaghetti alla Nerano, a pasta dish made with zucchini and cheese; seafood risotto; grilled octopus; and Neapolitan pizza, with a thin crust and a wide variety of toppings.

For dessert, be sure to try the gelato or the cannoli, along with some of the region’s famous limoncello liqueur. Ask your Rental Escapes concierge about villa pre-stocking and private chef service so you can be sure your favorites are ready anytime.

How’s the Weather in Sorrento?

Sorrento benefits from a Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry summers and short, wet winters.

Spring in Sorrento is mild and pleasant, and it gets warm enough to swim toward the end of the season. This time of year sees average temperatures vary between 12°C - 21°C (54°F - 70°F), with an average rainfall of 7cm (2.7in) per month.

Summer in Sorrento is the most popular time to visit thanks to its warm temperatures and clear blue skies, making it the perfect time to swim in the sea. Average temperatures at this time vary between 22°C - 30°C (72°F - 86°F), with an average rainfall of just 3.5cm (1.4in) per month.

Fall sees temperatures drop while still remaining comfortable, though with the occasional rainfall, especially towards the end of the season. Average temperatures vary between 17°C - 24°C (63°F - 75°F), and average rainfall is 11cm (4.3in) per month.

Winter, lastly, sees temperatures drop father, and there are occasionally chilly winds. Average temperatures at this time are between 9°C - 14°C (48°F - 57°F), with an average rainfall of 12cm (4.7in) per month.

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Our portfolio includes the finest villa rentals in Sorrento, including villas with private pools, historic villas, smaller villas, and more.

Your Rental Escapes reservations expert can find the best villa for your group, and your concierge personalizes your trip to create the ultimate Sorrento luxury villa experience.

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