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7 14 7 + 2 half
$6,413 - $8,321 /night
9 26 9 + 1 half
$5,500 - $18,000 /night
7 14 7 + 1 half
$5,286 - $6,714 /night
3 6 3 + 1 half
$5,000 - $10,000 /night
5 10 5 + 1 half
$5,000 - $5,143 /night
7 14 7 + 1 half
$4,000 - $5,000 /night
11 22 11 + 4 half
$3,714 - $4,500 /night
4 8 4 + 1 half
$2,430 - $4,285 /night
4 8 4 + 1 half
$2,429 - $4,714 /night
5 10 5 + 1 half
$2,270 - $4,168 /night
5 10 6 + 1 half
$2,142 - $4,575 /night
4 8 4 + 2 half
$1,429 - $2,000 /night
5 10 5 + 1 half
$1,286 - $2,500 /night
4 8 4 + 1 half
$1,250 - $1,995 /night
4 8 4 + 1 half
$1,071 - $1,714 /night
4 8 5 + 1 half
$1,071 - $1,929 /night
5 10 5 + 1 half
$1,000 - $2,143 /night
6 12 6 + 1 half
$995 - $1,895 /night
4 8 4 + 1 half
$857 - $1,500 /night
4 8 4 + 1 half
$857 - $1,571 /night
4 8 4 + 1 half
$771 - $1,471 /night

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Your Guide to Luxury Villa Rentals in the US Virgin Islands

Comprising the three beautiful islands of St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas, the US Virgin Islands are a pristine mix of sapphire-blue waters, acres of lush, hiker-friendly parkland, and some of the most spectacular food and drink in the world. These islands may be less famous than their British counterparts, but they’re no less incredible. 

Why Book a Villa in the US Virgin Islands?

The three islands of the US Virgin Islands each appeal to a different type of vacationer. On St. Croix, which is the largest island, you’ll find incredible diving and plenty of delicious rum. St. Thomas, the most developed of the three islands, offers golf, a number of aquariums and wildlife refuges, and the most-visited port in all of the Caribbean. On St. John, visitors will find vast areas of national parkland, perfect for trekking and hiking. Of course, all three islands have beautiful beaches, incredible vistas, and the chance to relax and rewind in paradise. 

Luxury Vacation Rentals in the US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands Villas for Family Vacations

Regardless of which island you choose for your vacation, Rental Escapes offers several villas that are ideal for families of any size.

Sand Dollar Estate: With eleven bedrooms, a private pool, spa and exercise rooms, and an indoor gaming area, this multilevel retreat is perfect for a large family getaway. 

A La Mer Estate: This villa may be an excellent choice for those travelling with small children: the pool has a four-inch deep shallow shelf, perfect for youngsters just learning to swim, and two of its nine suites have connecting doors, for parents who wish to be close to their children. 

Villa Panache: This bright, colourful villa accommodates up to 14 guests, and is just moments away from the world-famous beaches of the North Shore. 

Romantic Villa Getaways in the US Virgin Islands

The striking vistas and sparkling sunsets of the US Virgin Islands make them an excellent destination for honeymooners, or any couple looking to get away on a romantic trip for two!

Limetree: This villa’s luxe gatehouse suite features a private Romeo and Juliet balcony — need we say more?

Caneel Trailside: A two-bedroom villa that’s ideal for active, outdoorsy couples, Caneel Trailside’s front door is just steps from St. John’s famed Caneel Hill hiking trail, which runs through the island’s lush national parkland. 

Terra Hawk: Nestled within the trees, this villa is within walking distance from the famed North Shore beach. 

Beachfront Villas in the US Virgin Islands

No visit to the US Virgin Islands is complete without ample time taking in the islands’ famous sand and surf. 

One Perfect Day: This villa is just steps from Little Magens Beach, which boasts pristine white sands and incredible turquoise waves. 

Sunset Beach: Snorkellers, take note: the nearby rocky shores of coves are ideal for spotting some of the US Virgin Islands’ beautiful, tropical marine wildlife. 

Sand Dollar Estate: This family-friendly villa is also located on the incredible white-sand beach of Magen’s Bay. 

Staffed Villas in the US Virgin Islands

A fully-staffed experience will elevate your vacation to a level of authentic, pure relaxation. 

Eco Serendib Villa & Spa: Guests at this eight-bedroom villa can choose from three tiers of service, from total privacy to full-service, including housekeeping and a personal chef. 

Estate Solenborg: At Estate Solenborg, a resident manager is on-site to assist with any needs you may have during your stay, in addition to coordinating daily concierge and cleaning services.

Vida del Mar: Enjoy a game of pool volleyball at this staffed retreat, which also features private beach access. 

US Virgin Islands FAQ

What Should I Know Before Traveling to the US Virgin Islands?

All visitors to the US Virgin Islands, with the exception of US citizens, must hold a valid passport. Since this is a territory of the United States, the same entry requirements that apply to visiting the mainland US apply to the US Virgin Islands; therefore, some countries may require a visa for entry. Some visitors may also be required to provide proof of onward travel.

How to Travel to the US Virgin Islands?

There are two airports on the US Virgin Islands: Cyril E. King Airport, located on St. Thomas, and Henry E. Rohlsen Airport, located on St. Croix. Most international travellers will arrive at Cyril E. King Airport, but those who are travelling from another Caribbean island may book a flight into Henry E. Rohlsen Airport, as this airport primarily serves inter-Caribbean flights. 

How do I get Around in the US Virgin Islands?

The best way to get around the US Virgin Islands is by car. You can rent a car at either of the islands’ public airports. Licensed taxis are also readily available on all three islands, but taxis are not metered, so you will need to negotiate your fare before accepting a ride. Public buses infrequently run during the week, and stop at most major tourist spots on each island. If you plan to travel from island to island, a ferry service is available. 

Best Time of the Year to Visit the US Virgin Islands?

The best time of year to visit the US Virgin Islands is from December to mid-April, typically the “off season.” 

What are the Best Things to do in the US Virgin Islands?

The US Virgin Islands offer endless possibilities for recreation and relaxation, depending on your taste. Here are just a few options to consider:

Watersports: From snorkelling to windsurfing, kayaking and scuba diving, the crystal-clear waters of the US Virgin Islands are a hotbed for aquatic activity.

Hiking: The Virgin Islands National Park, on St. John, is more than 7,000 acres in size, and takes up most of the island. Numerous trails run through the park, which will get you up close and personal with some of the island’s beautiful, tropical flora and fauna, including tree frogs and numerous species of birds and lizards. 

Festivals and Celebrations: From the annual Carnival celebration to food fairs, and music festivals, there is often a multi-day fête taking place on one of the US Virgin Islands. 

History and Culture: The US Virgin Islands have a rich culture that blends West African, European and American influences. Enjoy scratch band and soca music, or take a guided tour to see some of the island’s historical landmarks and buildings, including Emancipation House and Blackbeard’s Castle. 

Museums and Galleries: There are dozens of museums to choose from, including Pirates Treasure Museum, which showcases shipwreck artifacts; the Virgin Islands Children’s Museum; and the St. Thomas Historical Trust Museum, which will appeal to history buffs or anyone curious about the islands’ rich history. 

What Food to Expect in the US Virgin Islands?

The cuisine of the US Virgin Islands is world-renowned! The islands’ cuisine blends West African and Caribbean influences to produce mouth-watering dishes such as the callaloo, conch fritters, and fish and fungi (pronounced foon-gee), a fried cornmeal dumpling served with fish, which is the Islands’ signature dish. Follow your meal with some red grout, a guava and tapioca-based pudding, and some of the US Virgin Islands’ delicious, ubiquitous rum.

The islands also offer a number of international cuisines, with European and American restaurants available throughout. 

What is the Weather Like in the US Virgin Islands?

The US Virgin Islands don’t experience significant seasonal changes. The average high temperatures hit around 32°C from July to September, and the average low temperature is around 22°C in January. The rainy season takes place from December to April. 

Book a US Virgin Islands Villa with Rental Escapes

Whether you’re seeking time in the water for swimming or snorkelling, a taste of island culture, or a beautiful, tropical hike, Rental Escapes has you covered. We are here to set you up with everything you require to enjoy your luxury villa rentals in the US Virgin Islands to the very fullest. Our knowledgeable team looks forward to sending you on the vacation of your dreams.

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