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4,786 - 6,268 /night
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3,038 - 4,256 /night
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2,250 - 2,982 /night
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1,510 - 2,250 /night
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From 1,380 /night

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Lombardy Visitors Guide

Known for its fashions, its beauty and its economy, Lombardy is an interesting region of northern Italy that borders Switzerland and, as such, derives its influences from a wide variety of sources. The region's capital, Milan, is an import centre for both finance and fashion in Italy, as both banks and fashion labels routinely set up their headquarters there. Those seeking natural beauty, however, have traditionally flocked to Lake Gorda and Lake Como, both of which are picturesque examples of glacial lakes that offer pristine views and a serene sense of relaxation. In fact, the contrast of the hustle and bustle of Milan with the serenity of Lombardy's lakes offers travelers a unique experience that has made Lombardy a favorite among tourists for years. As such, Lombardy vacation rentals consist of both lakeside cabins and city apartments, meaning travelers are sure to find a rental that will meet their needs.

Choosing the Right Lombardy Vacation Rental

Since Lombardy has both urban and rural areas, the first step in choosing a Lombardy vacation rental is deciding where you want to stay. To truly experience the best of the region, though, travelers are advised to split their time up by experiencing a few days in Milan, as well as a few days in Lake Como, Lake Gorda, or in the region's beautiful countryside. Travelers may also wish to visit the Alps and appreciate the stunning views offered from this area as well. No matter where you go, though, you will likely be treated to a wonderfully decorated rental, since residents and lovers of Lombardy alike are known for their exquisite taste, given that Lombardy is, as mentioned, home to Italy's fashion capital.

Transportation to and From Lombardy Vacation Rentals

As an economic hub, much of Lombardy is linked through the usual transportation routes, meaning trains, buses, and planes service much of the region, so getting to your Lombardy vacation rental should not be an issue. However, renting a car offers travelers the freedom to explore some of Milan's lesser-known towns and villages, as well as to even venture to the Swiss border to the north. A drive along the Alps is a breathtaking experience, while visiting the region's many lakes is also something travelers consistently rave about, thereby making a car rental a good idea for those that want to explore more than just Lake Como and Milan.

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