Ile-De-France-Paris-Area Villas & Luxury Vacation Rentals

Luxury Villa Rentals for 2+ people







6 12 6
50,062 - 100,062 /night
5 10 5
12,205 - 24,347 /night
4 8 4
9,383 - 38,633 /night
3 6 3
9,383 - 41,205 /night
5 10 3
9,062 - 9,947 /night
2 4 2
6,633 - 7,290 /night
3 6 3 + 1 half
5,847 - 19,347 /night
3 6 3
5,847 - 19,347 /night
4 8 4
3,763 - 11,192 /night
5 10 5
3,123 - 10,220 /night
3 5 3
2,403 - 6,546 /night
3 6 3
2,006 - 4,149 /night
4 8 3
1,950 - 9,050 /night
4 8 2
1,496 - 2,014 /night
2 4 2
1,374 - 4,621 /night
3 6 3
1,089 - 1,532 /night
3 6 3
1,058 - 1,499 /night

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Ile-de-France Visitors Guide

Ile-de-France is the wealthiest region of France, as it's home to Paris and its municipal subdivisions. Of course, most people assume that an Ile-de-France vacation rental will necessarily be in Paris, but that's not the case. In fact, there are several surrounding suburbs, such as Chessy and Versailles, that offer excellent and affordable accommodation as well. By and large, though, Paris vacation rentals remain the most popular accommodation in the whole of Ile-de-France.

Choosing the Right Location for your Ile-de-France Vacation Rental

While Paris dominates the Ile-de-France vacation rental market, there are, as mentioned, a number of other areas to consider as well. Chessy, for example, is a very family-friendly suburb of Paris, as it is home to Euro Disneyland. If you're traveling with children and wish to visit this park, then, staying in Chessy would be a good idea, especially considering that its suburban location will afford you a much larger place at a much lower price than you'd be able to get in the comparatively-dense Parisian rental market. Chessy is also served by the RER A train line, so getting into Paris won't be a problem, even if you haven't rented a car (which in any case is not advisable, given how difficult traffic and parking are in Paris). Versailles is another popular suburb of Paris that offers affordable accommodation options, though prices here tend to be steeper due to its proximity to the famed Palace of Versailles, which was erected by Louis XIV in the 17th century, and stands today as a testament to the opulence of France's royal heritage. History lovers would definitely be advised to stay in this area, as it is only 20 KM from Paris, meaning a subsequent trip to the Louvre or any of Paris's other amazing museums can be made easily.

Tips for Finding the Right Ile-de-France Vacation Rental

When browsing through Ile-de-France vacation rentals, it's important to consider your party size, and the relative needs of your group. If you're travelling with a family, for example, you may want to stay in a rental on a quiet street, and if you're travelling with toddlers, you may even want to choose a place that has a crib and strollers. Thankfully, there are a ton of rentals available that cater to every need, so finding one that meets your criteria should not be a problem.

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