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Your Guide to Peninsula Papagayo Villa Rentals

Nestled on the northeastern coast of the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica lies Peninsula Papagayo and its 15 miles of pristine coastline set out across 31 beautiful beaches. Development here is restricted to just 30% of the available area per government mandate, making Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals one of the few – and best – ways to experience this tropical paradise.

Staying in a Peninsula Papagayo villa rental gives you the chance to experience a fusion of eco-friendly living and high-end luxury that is totally unique to this beautiful little corner of the country. This sense of one-of-a-kind discovery and unspoiled adventure is a big reason why Peninsula Papagayo has become such a renowned destination the world over.

Because development here is so limited, every house rental in Peninsula Papagayo is its own work of art. Villas here are independently owned, and each owner knows just how special it is to have a house on this enchanting land. As a result, Peninsula Papagayo is home to some of Costa Rica’s best villas.

If you’re looking to discover this tropical paradise for yourself, then the first step to renting a villa in Peninsula Papagayo is to determine your party size and what you’re looking for. Villas here range from 3 to 7 bedrooms and have different accessibility options based on the needs of guests.

From there, all you need to do is determine your approximate travel dates. Because there are relatively few villas in Peninsula Papagayo, your Rental Escapes villa rental specialist will then be able to show you the best available options for you and your party.

After choosing your villa, your Rental Escapes concierge can assist you with all the details, including airport transfers, private drivers, car rentals, excursions, chef service, and any other special request you may have to make your stay perfect.

House Rentals in Peninsula Papagayo

Crafted with love and designed to be one with nature, house rentals in Peninsula Papagayo reflect the passion and care of their owners. They’re often hillside and surrounded by lush vegetation and abundant wildlife, but with plenty of modern amenities to ensure the absolute safety and comfort of guests.

Villas here are often orientated towards the Arnold Palmer Championship Golf Course, Culebra Bay to the east, and the Pacific to the west. Construction tends to be centred around these views as well, with a focus on big windows, breezy interiors, and outdoor living.

6+ Bedroom Peninsula Papagayo Villa Rentals

These are the largest villa rentals on Peninsula Papagayo and are especially suited for large groups and families traveling together, as well as for events like weddings and corporate retreats. Some great options include:

Cielomar: Easily one of the most spectacular villas in Costa Rica, Cielomar features dramatic architecture thanks to its location at the edge of the promontory overlooking Prieta Beach on one side, and the Arnold Palmer golf course on the other. Every detail here is carefully considered, from the volcanic lava stone lining the Olympic-size pool to the bridge pointing to the exact spot where the sun sets every evening. A stay here is an experience all on its own.

Casa Armadillo: Bright, colorful, and large, Casa Armadillo is one of the few 7-bedroom villas in Peninsula Papagayo, and a great choice for families traveling with children. Each room is uniquely decorated with local crafts, and the villa itself is just minutes from Prieta Beach Club. A truly one-of-a-kind family home in the heart of the peninsula.

5-Bedroom Peninsula Papagayo Villa Rentals

These options include some of the most elaborately-constructed and celebrated villas on Peninsula Papagayo, and their size makes them perfect for families and groups of friends. Some of the best 5-bedroom villas on Peninsula Papagayo include:

Villa Eram: Translating to ‘house of paradise,’ Villa Eram is a spectacular, modern, luxury villa that truly lives up to its name. It includes amazing features like a 34-foot infinity pool overlooking the peninsula, a grand piano hovering over water, a living green wall, a chef’s kitchen, and so much more.

Belvedere: Beautifully designed and handsomely appointed, Belvedere is a harmonious mix of outdoor and indoor elements that combine to create a beautiful mix. Go out over the recently-constructed viewing deck and yoga platform and take in the spectacular views at the cliff’s edge before retreating to the outdoor bar for a freshly-squeezed juice cocktail – these are the life-affirming moments Belvedere provides.

Casa Pericos: With its vaulted ceilings and cathedral-style windows overlooking both the Arnold Palmer Signature Course and the Pacific, Casa Pericos is a 4,700 square-foot stunner that offers both dramatic architecture and a homey, comfortable atmosphere. Its flexible bedroom arrangements make it a great choice for families.

3-4-Bedroom Peninsula Papagayo Villa Rentals

These villas are some of Peninsula Papagayo’s most stylish and include great options for friends and couples traveling together. Options here include:

Villa Flor Blanca: Designed with the highest-level aesthetics in mind both inside and out, Villa Flor Blanca stands out amidst its neighbors thanks to its tastefully modern architecture and its abundance of amenities, including an infinity edge pool, a lap pool, a hot and cold jacuzzi, and, of course, some of the best, most unobstructed views on the peninsula.

Seacliff Point: Nestled above Playa Prieta, Seacliff Point provides exceptional views and privacy thanks to its privileged hilltop location and lush surrounding greenery. A private trail to Secret Beach allows for easy access to the sand and surf, while the interior is designed with an elegant simplicity meant to evoke an open and breezy ocean vibe. Rounding out this sense of serenity are exciting touches like a pool table, swimming pool/hot tub combination, and a lovely outdoor area for entertaining.

Villa Laila: An evocative mix of thoughtful craftsmanship and stylish décor, Villa Laila is one of the best three-bedroom villas in Peninsula Papagayo. Its centrepiece is its terrace perched above its infinity pool overlooking the bay, but every corner of this elegant villa rental has been carefully considered and has an original feature that will surprise and delight you. A great choice for couples.

Peninsula Papagayo FAQ

What are the Entry Requirements for Peninsula Papagayo?

If you’re coming from the US, Canada, the UK, or the EU, entry into Costa Rica requires a valid passport. A visa is not required unless you are staying for more than 90 days.

How to Travel to Peninsula Papagayo?

Most visitors to Peninsula Papagayo will fly into Daniel Oduber Airport in Libera, though local flights from San Jose are also offered and take about 40 minutes. From Daniel Oduber Airport, it’s just a 30-minute car ride to Peninsula Papagayo.

Your Rental Escapes concierge can arrange an airport transfer, private driver, or a rental car for you.

Best Time to Travel to Peninsula Papagayo?

The best time to travel to Peninsula Papagayo is from December to April, which is also the peak of Costa Rica’s dry season. Resorts and restaurants will be in full swing, and you’ll see the lowest overall chance of rain.

For many, though, travelling during the shoulder season of April to June presents a great chance to get a better deal on a Peninsula Papagayo villa rental, as well as the chance to have a little more of the peninsula all to themselves.

Best Things to do in Peninsula Papagayo?

Go on a nature tour: With so much stunning nature all around you, simply taking in your surroundings is easily one of the best things to do on Peninsula Papagayo. Whether you go with a tour guide or just on your own little self-guided hikes, this magical wilderness will rejuvenate you and fill you with wonder.

Visit Rincon: Rincon de la Vieja National Park is about a 20-minute drive from Peninsula Papagayo and is definitely worth a visit. Here you’ll find volcano-heated hot springs, stunning waterfalls, and an absolutely amazing density of wildlife, including many endemic species you won’t see anywhere else.

Go zip-lining: With its untouched beauty, Peninsula Papagayo is home to a truly spectacular canopy adorned with all sorts of wildlife, including birds, frogs, and monkeys. Zip-lining gives you the chance to observe this amazing habitat from a whole other angle.

How’s the Food in Peninsula Papagayo?

Like much of Guanacaste, food in Peninsula Papagayo is usually a fusion of European, Asian, and indigenous flavors, with a big emphasis on fresh seafood and fresh produce.

Thanks to its popularity with eco-tourists, there are also plenty of vegan and health-orientated dishes to choose from.

Most of the restaurants are easily accessed through the resorts around the peninsula, though because of the development restrictions, there may be fewer than you would expect. That said, the restaurants that are here are all of very high quality.

Your Rental Escapes concierge can also arrange villa pre-stocking and chef service for you, so you can be sure to have all your favorite foods prepared just the way you like, served directly in your villa.

How is the Weather in Peninsula Papagayo?

Peninsula Papagayo benefits from a warm, tropical climate. The hottest month is April, which sees average temperatures of 29°C (84.2°F), while the coolest month, December, sees temperatures of 27°C (80.6°F).

While temperatures are pretty constant, what really changes is the rainfall. February sees 9.8 hours of sunshine per day, while March only sees 0.1 days of rain. In contrast, October sees 20.1 days of rain. That’s why dry season from December to April is the most popular time to visit (unless you’re there to surf, in which case rainy season in the time to go).

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