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7 16 6 + 1 half
$3,950 - $9,650 /night
9 18 10 + 1 half
$3,450 - $9,950 /night
8 18 8 + 1 half
$2,950 - $8,950 /night
7 18 7 + 2 half
$2,950 - $7,950 /night
7 18 7 + 1 half
$1,950 - $6,750 /night
4 12 5 + 1 half
$1,650 - $4,150 /night
6 12 4 + 1 half
$1,650 - $4,750 /night
7 14 5 + 1 half
$1,645 - $3,995 /night

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Your Guide to Luxury Villa Rentals in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is the largest island in the Caymans and is home to some of its most celebrated attractions, landscapes, and activities, as well as some of its best villas. Rental Escapes is here to help you find the best Grand Cayman villa for your group.

Grand Cayman villas run the gamut in terms of styles, sizes, and layouts, which means there's a villa that's right for nearly every party composition.  The first step, then, is deciding on your party size. From there, you'll want to look at which amenities are most important to you, including whether you want to be beach front, prefer a staffed option, or are looking for something with as many modern amenities as possible.

Then it's just a question of deciding where exactly in Grand Cayman to stay.

Seven Mile Beach is arguably Grand Cayman's most famous attraction. A strip of white sand beach (that actually measures about 6 miles), it has been dubbed by many as one of the Caribbean's best beaches. It's the centre of the action on Grand Cayman, and the further south you go, the busier it gets.

The North Side, meanwhile, is home to both Rum Point and Cayman Kai. Here you'll find some of the best beaches in the Caymans, as well as a more laid-back experience overall. If you're looking for a beachfront villa experience, this is the place.

The East End, lastly, is where you'll find some of the most pristine and unspoiled landscapes in the Caymans. It's just about as far from Georgetown, the capital, as you can get on the island, making it perfect for those who want a true getaway.

Grandy Cayman Luxury Villas

No matter where you decide to stay, there are plenty of Grand Cayman luxury villas with modern amenities for you to choose from. From smaller beach houses to a castle-shaped estate, this really is villa country. Owners pride themselves on the décor, services, and amenities offered, and many villas include a full staff.

Ultimately, luxury villas in Grand Cayman offer an experience that even the island's top luxury resorts can't match. There really is nothing like waking up and walking out to the balcony overlooking your own private strip of paradise, getting ready for a dip in your private pool, and lounging out by the veranda with your friends and family. Once you get a taste of Grand Cayman villa life, there's no going back.

Grand Cayman Villas on Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach, by the capital of Georgetown, is where all the action on Grand Cayman can be found, making it a great spot for first time visitors.

That said, Grand Cayman villas on Seven Mile Beach are usually designed to offer a bit of privacy and seclusion amid the beautiful scenery of the beach, making them a great option for those who want to experience this fun and accessible part of Grand Cayman.

Some popular choices here include:

Coconut Walk: Thanks to its prized location directly on Seven Mile Beach, as well as its gorgeous architecture and tasteful décor, Coconut Walk is easily one of the most luxurious and coveted villas in Grand Cayman. Just walking in through its front gates and passing its main fountain is an experience unto itself. It not only includes direct beach access, but it also features 7 large, well-appointed bedrooms; a gorgeous pool area surrounded by hammocks; high ceilings and marble interiors; a large indoor living room with a grand piano; and so much more.

Villa Mora: If you're looking for a large villa that's close enough to Georgetown and Seven Mile Beach to easily enjoy their activities and amenities but still far enough to offer a sense of serene privacy, then Villa Mora in South Sound is perfect. Featuring a main house and a guest cottage, it's ideal for families or multigenerational groups traveling together. And while both the main villa and guest cottage are beautiful, it's the direct beach access and massive swimming pool that are the stars of the show. A fantastic choice for those who love to swim or just relax by the water. 

Infinite Horizon: For those looking for a smaller villa near Seven Mile Beach, Infinite Horizon in West Bay offers a perfect balance between the amenities of a resort and the privacy and space of a villa vacation. It has that quintessential beach house style, and features an open concept designed to maximize natural light and accentuate its gorgeous ocean views. It also includes direct beach access and a private pool, making it a great value for up to 10 guests.

Grand Cayman Villas in Rum Point

Rum Point (and nearby Cayman Kai) by the North Side of the island are home to some of Grand Cayman's best villas thanks to the calm waters and gorgeous landscapes of the northern coast.

This is also where you'll find some of Grand Cayman's biggest villas as well, making it a perfect destination for a large group traveling together. This area is also home to plenty of shallow shoreline that's often directly accessible from your villa, making it a great choice for families with young children as well.

Some of our guests' favorite Rum Point villas include:

Paradis sur Mer: As the name implies, Paradis sur Mer is a 6-bedroom beachfront estate that offers guests their own slice of paradise. Set on a powdery white sand strip of rum point, this villa offers not only direct beach access but also its own dock and jet ski ramps, as well as plenty of paddleboards and kayaks to keep guests busy. It's also fully staffed and brimming with all sorts of thoughtful, delightful details, like handcrafted gates, a vaulted foyer, floor-to-ceiling windows to better appreciate the stunning ocean views, an 18-person hot tub, and more.  The layout is perfect for either multigenerational families or groups of couples traveling together thanks to the added privacy afforded to the bedrooms across the estate's 12,000 square feet.

Olympus: Also oceanfront on Rum Point you'll find Olympus, a 4-bedroom villa that can sleep 8 adults and an additional 4 children thanks to some thoughtful design. The villa itself is set atop a ridge, giving it its namesake, and it is orientated towards the beautiful white sand beach directly facing the villa. The villa is also designed with outdoor living in mind, with just as many spots to retreat to the shade as there are to enjoy the sun, including on the third-floor sundeck. A great choice for families looking to enjoy Grand Cayman's beautiful weather.

Kai Zen: If you're looking for something a little smaller, the 3-bedroom Kai Zen is a perfect choice for a couple or two, or for a small family. Designed to offer a minimalistic, Zen-like vibe, Kai Zen is located directly on a private strip of beach in Cayman Kai that offers perfect seclusion and privacy. It also has a small beachfront pool surrounded by thoughtful landscaping and 40-inch windows. A sweet little villa for a small group or a honeymoon.


Grand Cayman Villas with Chef

While Grand Cayman is certainly home to some great restaurants, there's nothing quite like having your own private chef. Picture walking in to find your villa pre-stocked with all your favorite foods and drinks, and with welcome cocktails ready to be served by your friendly, attentive staff while your chef puts the finishing touches on your welcome meal.

That's just the start – with a private chef you can adjust your eating experience to meet your tastes and diet, and you can be sure that all ingredients are fresh and that everything is prepared to your standards. Some great options include:

Castillo Caribe: Located in the South Sound, Castillo Caribe is one of the most breathtakingly luxurious villas not just in the Caymans, but across the whole of the Caribbean. It features almost every amenity you can think of, including direct beach access, its own tennis court, his and her studies, a kids' playroom, and even its own grotto. Everything is constructed with the richest, best quality materials possible, and antiques and art adorn every corner of its 48,000 square feet. Words really fail to do justice to this 8-bedroom beauty – it needs to be seen to be believed.

Residence 1: Set in Bodden Town on the south coast of Grand Cayman you'll find Residence 1, a modern villa with a big emphasis on clean lines, easy elegance, and ocean living. It directly faces a pristine white sand beach, and its uniquely designed infinity pool gazes out over the sea. Snorkel directly from the front of the villa, swim along the infinity pool, or just lounge by the pool – the choice is yours. 

Cayman Castle and Guesthouse: Easily one of the most distinctive villas in the Caribbean, Cayman Castle is, as the name implies, a castle-shaped beachfront villa set in the peaceful and untouched East End. More than just a shape, though, it also functions as a true castle thanks to its neighbor-free location (though it is near the police constable's residence) and its private gates. It has direct access to a sandy beach that's great for both swimming and snorkeling, and it includes a heated infinity pool, panoramic views, and multi-tiered terraces. A truly unique Caribbean experience for up to 18 guests.

Grand Cayman FAQ


What Should I know Before Traveling to Grand Cayman?

Visitors to the Cayman Islands are required to present a valid passport as well as a valid return ticket. An entry visa is not required if you are traveling from the UK, Canada, the US, and most EU and Commonwealth countries.

How to Travel to Grand Cayman?

Grand Cayman is home to the Owen Roberts International Airport, which is where most flights to the Cayman Islands land. From there, it's easy to arrange a rental car or a driver to take you to places like Rum Point, Bodden Town, or East End, though the further out you're staying from Georgetown, the more it's recommended to have your own rental car.

Your Rental Escapes concierge can arrange airport transfers, rental cars, and private drivers.

What's the Best Time to Visit Grand Cayman?

Peak season in the Cayman Islands runs from December to April and is when you'll see the best weather, but also the highest prices and the most crowds. If you don't mind that, then this is the best time to go.

For many, though, March to June is ideal. This period covers shoulder season, which is when you'll find fewer crowds and some great deals on Grand Cayman villa rentals.

Of course, the absolute best deals can be found during wet season from July to November, though do be aware there is a much higher chance of rain at this time.

Best Things to do in Grand Cayman?

Visit Chrystal Caves: Located near Grand Cayman's beautiful north coast is Chrystal Caves, a beautiful set of large, impressive aquatic caves that are always a highlight of our guests' trips. The caves themselves are truly breathtaking, and the guides are renowned for their deep knowledge and friendly banter.

Walk Along Seven Mile Beach: Especially if it's your first time in the Caymans, a walk along beautiful Seven Mile Beach is a must. There really is a ton of variety to experience, and it just gets more and more beautiful the further north you go.

Visit Stingray City: Stingray City combines clear water, great service, and some very friendly stingrays that you can pet and interact with for a one-of-a-kind experience.  A great activity for both novice and experienced snorkellers.

How is the Food in Grand Cayman?

Grand Cayman is known for its fish and seafood. While the national dish of the Caymans is Turtle Stew, other popular dishes include coconut shrimp, conch stew, fried fish, and fritters. For dessert, try heavy cake with a mudslide to wash it down.

Of course, Grand Cayman is also a very international destination, so you'll find plenty of talented chefs for just every cuisine you can think of, too.

Your concierge can also arrange a private chef and food and beverage pre-stocking for your villa as well.

How is the Weather in Grand Cayman?

January through April sees the best weather in Grand Cayman, with average precipitation between 1.05-1.26 inches, and temperatures varying from highs of 82.8°F to 85.9°F (28°C to 30°C).

The weather gets a bit warmer from May to August, with average highs ranging from 87.3°F to 89.9°F (31°C to 32°C), and precipitation averaging between 5.94 and 5.91 inches.

The wettest months are September and October, with average precipitation of 8.74 and 8.62 inches, respectively, before dropping to 6.06 inches in November. Highs in wet season range from 89°F to 85.2°F (32°C to 30°C).

Book a Grand Cayman Villa with Rental Escapes

If want to enjoy the best of this tropical paradise, Rental Escapes can elevate your Grand Cayman villa rental into a true luxury experience.

Our portfolio includes the finest properties in the Caribbean, including Grand Cayman luxury villas near Seven Mile Beach, Rum Point, the East End, and more. Your Rental Escapes reservation expert can find the best villa for your group, and from there your concierge personalizes the trip to create the ultimate Grand Cayman luxury villa experience.

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