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12,395 - 18,090 /night
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10,045 - 13,058 /night
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10,045 - 18,080 /night
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9,854 - 12,316 /night
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7,573 - 13,253 /night
6 12 6
5,644 - 16,224 /night
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5,022 - 6,027 /night
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5,016 - 8,621 /night
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4,479 - 7,838 /night
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4,031 - 4,927 /night
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4,018 - 4,821 /night
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3,867 - 6,961 /night
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Your Guide to Ibiza Luxury Villas

The White Island. Magic Island. Eivissa. No matter what you call it or how you pronounce it, Ibiza speaks to an ephemeral, almost mythical reputation. Ibiza luxury villas further this mystique by providing private refuge amid all of the island’s excitement.

While Ibiza has been inhabited since 5000 BC, the Phoenicians were the first to populate the island. They dedicated the island to the deity Bes, who ruled over fertility, dreams, music, dance, and drink – a fitting legacy.

The Phoenicians gave way to the Carthaginians, who began the tradition of building white houses, a legacy that lives on today in many Ibiza luxury villas. This led to Roman, Byzantine, Moorish, and finally Catalan rule, all bringing their own architectural and cultural contributions.

In the 1960s, the hippie movement brought tourists from around the world to appreciate Ibiza’s spiritual legacy and inspiring landscapes. This led to Ibiza becoming a premiere destination for open-air concerts and, by the 90s, for clubs and DJ shows as well.

Today, Ibiza luxury villas represent the best way to experience this island’s legend, whether that means partying the night away, enjoying its rich culture, taking in its landscapes, or discovering its many historical sites.

Renting a luxury villa in Ibiza is easy with Rental Escapes. First, find your travel dates and party size. From there, your Rental Escapes villa specialist will present you with the best available Ibiza luxury villas. After, your concierge customizes your trip, including transportation, excursions, tours, reservations, chef service, boat charters, guestlists, and more.

Luxury Villas in Ibiza

Ibiza luxury villas can be found all across the island, including near its world-famous clubs and also by some of its most secluded corners.

Popular places to rent Ibiza luxury villas include San Jose on the southwestern part of the island, near some of its best beaches; Cala Jondal with its beach clubs and upscale restaurants; Santa Eulalia on the east coast, offering a more relaxed experience; and, of course, Ibiza Town, which combines old world charm and modern allure.

San Jose Ibiza Villas

San Jose is close to some of Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches and is just a short drive to all the action of San Antonio and Ibiza Town. This makes it a perfect balance of serenity and accessibility. San Jose Ibiza villas further this balance by creating private refuges that are among the island’s best. They include:

Ocean Paradise: With direct beach access to one of Ibiza’s best beaches, Ocean Paradise arises dramatically from the island’s cliffs to create one of its best stays. It makes an ideal place to explore Ibiza’s southern coast. Take in an alfresco meal, head down to the private jetty for a boat charter, or just relax in the private spa. This is paradise.

Villa Eden: Villa Eden is an exercise in balance. Its straight lines and low rooftop are contrasted with free-forming palm trees. Its well-fed infinity pool is contrasted with the wild blue Mediterranean before it. And its secluded spot between San Jose and Cala Jondal beach contrasts beautifully with Ibiza’s electric atmosphere. This is the Ibiza super villa, redefined.

Villa Emilio: Chic and contemporary, Villa Emilio occupies a privileged ocean-facing position in Visa Alegre, one of Ibiza’s most prestigious developments. With the Mediterranean as your backdrop, take in the views from the stunning infinity pool, the sunken hot tub, or from the comfort of any of the four bedrooms – all perfect places to enjoy some of Ibiza’s best sunsets.

San Antonio Ibiza Villas

This part of Ibiza is celebrated for its exciting party scene, with venues like Café del Mar solidifying its international reputation. San Antonio Ibiza villas let you experience this legendary atmosphere while still giving you a private retreat to escape to at the end of the night – and a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset the next day. They include:

Can Ventura: A delightful mix of traditional Ibicenco architecture and modern amenities, Can Ventura is a lovely 6-bedroom villa that provides a cozy and serene retreat near San Antonio. Take a walk along the private path, relax by the pool, or bike to Cala Conta or Cala Tarida, two of Ibiza’s best beaches. It’s all on offer here.

Con Rosetta: Overlooking San Antonio and its beautiful bay, this restored farmhouse offers a much-appreciated dose of privacy and serenity to your stay. And with 6 bedrooms, it’s a great choice for entertaining larger groups.

Casa Tobi: Just a few minutes from San Antonio, Casa Tobi is an unpretentious 5-bedroom villa with a big private pool and a large outdoor dining area. A great choice for families.

Villas in Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is Ibiza’s capital and is home to the UNESCO-listed Dalt Vila, the city’s Old Quarter. It’s also where you’ll find some of Ibiza’s hottest clubs, including Pacha and Amnesia. It’s this mix of old and new that makes saying in villas in Ibiza Town so special. They include:

Luxury Estate: Originally built in 1780, this beautiful Provencal-style villa features a delightful combination of antique features and modern amenities. It also has space for up to 350 guests, making it one of the best villa venues for a special event near Ibiza Town.

Can Rimbau Heights: A modernist masterpiece, Can Rimbau Heights features glorious Mediterranean views over both Ibiza and Formentera. It also has immaculately landscaped gardens, a private pool area, a private gym, and a fine attention to detail evident throughout its rich materials and fine furnishings. Magic.

Villa Sunset Deluxe: A contemporary, open-concept villa, Villa Sunset Deluxe speaks to Ibiza’s bohemian past and its eclectic present with an uncompromising sense of style. Bold décor and a beachside location make this one of Ibiza Town’s most distinct stays.

Ibiza Luxury Villas FAQ

What are the Entry Requirements for Ibiza?

Spain is part of the Schengen Area, so you’ll need to show a valid passport once upon entry to the area.

How to Get to Ibiza?

Many travellers to Ibiza arrive by air. Ibiza Airport serves both international and domestic flights, with a high volume during the summer months.
Many also take a ferry to Ibiza from mainland Spain. There’s a regular ferry service from Barcelona, Valencia, and Denia. The journey takes several hours but is scenic and enjoyable.
For the ultimate in comfort, you can also charter a private yacht, taking time to experience more of the Balearic in the process.
Your Rental Escapes concierge is happy to help with airport transfers, ferry tickets, and private boat charters.

How to Get Around Ibiza?

A car rental is a great way to get around Ibiza, especially if you want to visit some smaller beaches or villages. Driving in Ibiza is relatively easy and straightforward, especially compared to mainland Spain.
Renting a scooter is also a fun and convenient way to get around Ibiza.
Taxis are widely available throughout Ibiza. Be sure to tell the driver to turn on the meter when you start your journey.
Private drivers can also be arranged, including luxury transportation so you can arrive in style.
Lastly, there is an extensive bus network that covers the length of the island.
Your Rental Escapes concierge is happy to help with car rentals, private drivers, scooter rentals, bus schedules, and taxi service.

When is the Best Time to Visit Ibiza?

Summer is peak season in Ibiza. The water is warm and perfect for swimming and the island is alive with nightclubs, beach clubs, and music festivals. For those who want to experience Ibiza’s world-famous nightlife and ambiance, this is the best time to go.
If you’re less interested in the party scene, though, then consider visiting in shoulder season, which runs through spring and autumn. Though the official party season has ended, this time of year still sees great weather, but with much fewer tourists and better prices.
Winter is the off-season and is dramatically different than the summer. Most clubs are closed, and there are much fewer tourists. Still, the weather is relatively mild, and it’s a great time to experience a more serene, cultural side of the island.

What are the Best Things to do in Ibiza?

Experience the nightlife: During the party season, Ibiza functions as a summer-long music festival, routinely hosting the world’s best DJs in some of the world’s best clubs. If you have any interest in electronic music, going to at least one event is an experience not to be missed.
Enjoy the beach: Ibiza is also home to some truly stunning beaches, including Playa d’en Bossa, Cala Comte, and Talamanaca Beach. Each has its own vibe. Whether you like rocking beach clubs or secluded strips of sand and sea, you’ll be sure to find one that you love.
Visit Ibiza Old Town (Dalt Vila): Ibiza’s Old Town provides a refreshing contrast to its electric nightlife. A UNESCO Heritage Site, it includes cobblestone streets, Renaissance architecture, and the iconic Ibiza Cathedral. The views from atop the fortress wall are some of the island’s best.

What Food is Ibiza Known For?

Like the rest of Spain, Ibiza benefits from Mediterranean cuisine with a big focus on fresh ingredients prepared simply. Popular dishes include:
Paella: Classic Valencian dish made with saffron-infused rice and a combination of seafood, chicken, and vegetables.
Fresh seafood: Ibiza’s coastal location results in an abundance of fresh seafood, including fish, octopus, prawns, and lobster.
Tapas: Like the rest of Spain, these small, simple dishes can be found across the island. Popular choices include patatas bravas (fried potatoes with spicy sauce) and gambas al ajilo (garlic shrimp).
Bullit de Peix: An Ibizan fish stew made with potatoes, saffron, and garlic, often served with aioli sauce.
Sofrit Pagès: Hearty stew made with pork, lamb, chicken, sausage and a mix of vegetables in a tomato-based sauce.
Flao: A traditional Ibizan cheesecake-like dessert made with local sheep’s cheese, eggs, and mint.
Ensaïmada: A Mallorcan dessert made with sweet, spiral-shaped pastries, often served with coffee or hot chocolate.
Your concierge is happy to assist with restaurant reservations, as well as private chef service and villa pre-socking on any stay.

How Hot is Ibiza?

Ibiza enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, warm winters.
Spring sees the weather gradually start to warm up, with May being quite pleasant. Average temperatures are 15-23°C (59-73°F) and average precipitation is 27-50 mm (1.1-2.0 in).
Summer sees warmer temperatures, though the cooling ocean breeze tends to lessen their impact. Rainfall is minimal at this time – expect clear blue skies. Average temperatures are 24-30°C (75-86°F) and average precipitation is 4-7 mm (0.2-0.3 in).
Autumn still sees warm temperatures, and September is especially pleasant. Rainfall gradually increases through the season. Average temperatures are 22-28°C (72-82°F) and average precipitation is 47-73 mm (1.9-2.9 in).
Winter is the coolest and wettest time of the year. Temperatures remain relatively mild, though, and rainfall is moderate. Average temperatures are 10-17°C (50-63°F) and average precipitation is 39-58 mm (1.5-2.3 in).

Book an Ibiza Luxury Villa with Rental Escapes

If you’re hoping to visit this beautiful part of Spain, Rental Escapes can elevate your Ibiza villa rental into a true luxury experience.

Our portfolio includes the finest Ibiza luxury villas, including villas in Ibiza Town, San Antonio, San Jose, and more.

Your Rental Escapes reservations expert can find the best villa for your group, and your concierge personalizes your trip to create the ultimate Ibiza villa experience.

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