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The Algarve


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Algarve Visitors Guide

The Algarve, in southwest Portugal, is a popular destination for both European and non-European travelers alike. That's because its many beaches are lined with world-class resorts and spas, while further inland a bevy of beautiful golf courses can be found. However, the area has much more to offer than just sun and leisure. Its history dates back to the Neolithic era, and today megalithic structures can still be found which attest to this prehistoric heritage. The region was later inhabited by an indigenous population, the Conii, before being taken over by the Romans. Today, Roman ruins abound in the region, particularly in Lagos, Vilamoura and Praia da Luz. But it was the Moors, who conquered the region in the 8th century, that gave the region its name, as the Algarve corresponds to Al-Gharb, meaning the west in Arabic. With such a rich history, beautiful landscapes and an abundance of activities and attractions, it's no wonder that there are also a number of Algarve vacation rentals available for rent throughout the region as well.

Algarve Vacation Rentals Compared to Hotels

In an area known for its resorts and spas, the Algarve is, unsurprisingly, home to a good number of hotels, but what often surprises travelers is that they can rent condos in resort-style complexes and benefit from the services and amenities offered in the resort. For example, many Algarve vacation rentals can be found on golf courses, and as a result the rental may come with a complimentary round on the course, or even with complete access to the course and clubhouse. That's why travelers are encouraged to shop around until they find a rental that offers them exactly what they're looking for.

The Value of Algarve Vacation Rentals

Though the Algarve is known for luxury travel, the region is also home to beautiful Algarve vacation rentals that give travelers the chance to stay in areas dotted by high-end resorts and spas at a fraction of the price they'd pay for a hotel room in the same area. Also, because many of these rentals are also free-standing villas, they can often accommodate a few different parties, meaning families can save money on their overall accommodation. Plus, rentals will allow travelers to save money by cooking their own meals using fresh, local ingredients, like the region's famous tuna.

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