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Lucca Visitors Guide

The walled city of Lucca has traditionally been a favorite destination among travelers to Tuscany, as its impressive history and artwork make it a must-see for those looking to experience all the region has to offer. While its history dates back to the Etruscans, it was the Romans who allowed the city to thrive. As such, there is a wealth of historical artifacts to be found within the city itself – for example, traces of a Roman amphitheatre can be found in Piazza San Michele, while medieval churches dating back to the 8th century can also be found all throughout the city. The most famed aspect of Lucca, though, are its walls, which were erected in the Renaissance for military purposes but which today serve as a pedestrian promenade, with trees and walkways lining the top of the thick barriers.

Tips for Selecting the Right Lucca Vacation Rental

Unlike Florence vacation rentals , the majority of Lucca vacation rentals are not apartments, but rather villas in the suburbs, although it is certainly still possible to find apartments in the center of town as well. Renting a house is very convenient if you're travelling with a family or a group though, and because many are located in small hamlets that surround Lucca (some of which, like Castello, date back to the middle ages), you'll also be able to soak up some the history of Lucca's surroundings, which is something many visitors to Lucca miss out on.

Transportation to your Lucca Vacation Rental

Because Lucca is a very pedestrian-friendly city, a car rental is not required if you are staying within the city itself, though a car rental will make reaching your Lucca vacation rental from the airport that much easier. Also, if you're staying in one of the surrounding hamlets, a car will allow you to more easily visit Lucca, as well as visit surrounding cities and, of course, drive through the beautiful Tuscan countryside as well. In fact, the drive from Lucca to Florence is about an hour long and stretches through some lovely bits of Tuscany, and as such is an experience in and of itself which travelers tend to rave about.

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