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6,287 - 9,032 /night
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3,430 - 6,595 /night
5 10 3 + 3 half
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1,784 - 2,335 /night
4 8 5 + 2 half
$1,396 - $1,988 /night
5 12 5
913 - 2,540 /night

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Corsica Visitors Guide

Corsica is an island to the southwest of France that gains much of its culture from both French and Italian influences. As the most mountainous region in the Mediterranean, it is home to some of the most stunning scenery in all of Europe, and its beaches are world-renowned. It features its own unique language, Corsican, which is spoken by 65% of the population and which owes most of its linguistic roots to Italian, rather than French. In addition, the region features its own distinct and game-heavy cuisine, with wild boar being an especially popular local dish. As with any Mediterranean destination, Corsica vacation rentals tend to center around the beach, with beachfront and ocean view properties being especially popular.

Transportation to and From your Corsica Vacation Rental

The island of Corsica is served by a railway that is over 200 KM long and which touches along most of the island's major towns, meaning getting around is not difficult. Renting a car is therefore not necessary, as it is possible to easily maneuver around the island using both rail and taxis, although renting a car certainly affords greater flexibility and convenience in terms of when and where you can travel. Of course, if you're planning on simply relaxing by the beach, then a car rental really isn't necessary, so in the end deciding on a car depends on what your personal preferences are.

Choosing a Corsica Vacation Rental

As with other Mediterranean destinations, beachfront properties tend to book up early, especially for the month of August, so if staying in front of the beach and having views of the azure beauty of the Mediterranean is a top priority, then it would be wise to book up early. If your priority is to appreciate stunning views, however, then it's recommended you book a place perched high atop a cliff, as such rentals afford some of the most stunning views in all of Europe. No matter what you choose, though, rest assured that staying in a Corsica vacation rental will be more affordable than staying in a hotel, since most of the hotels in the region cater to the luxury market. Having said that, luxury rentals can also be found in Corsica, including sprawling estates with private beaches, as well as hilltop mansions that overlook the world-renowned coastline.

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