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$2,000 - $4,575 /night
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$1,100 - $2,429 /night
4 8 5 + 1 half
$1,000 - $1,857 /night

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St John Visitors Guide

Comprised mostly of national parkland, St. John, USVI stands as one of the Caribbean's most beautiful islands. It's ripe with lush vegetation, tall cliffs, plenty of exotic birds, fish, and animals, and a sense of escape that few islands can match. In fact, you're advised to stalk up on whatever you may need in neighboring St. Thomas before you get to St. John vacation rentals, which is part of the charm of being in a natural paradise that lets you truly get away from it all. Rentals here tend to focus on delivering a nature-centric experience – from hilltop villas to open concept homes further inland, owners look to offer guests a way to experience all the natural beauty of St. John. Just for fun, ask them if any exotic birds or animals can be spotted from their house – they'll be happy to tell you.

Choosing St. John Vacation Rentals

With so many amazing St. John vacation rentals available for rent, it's hard to choose which is best. Of course, hilltop villas are the top of the line here, as they overlook some of the most beautiful beaches in the northern hemisphere. Trunk Bay is the most famous, but plenty of small beaches all around the island are just begging to be explored. In fact, that's half the fun of visiting St. John, and while most repeat travelers will tell you they have their own favorite, secret place in this slice of paradise, good luck getting them to tell you where it is!

Car Rentals and St. John Vacation Rentals

Renting a car may not be necessary for the entirety of your trip, since you're probably going to be spending a lot of time snorkelling, hiking, biking, and relaxing. But, renting a car is a great way to enjoy the area away from your rental, which is why it should be rented for at least a few days, though travelers should rent a Jeep to truly be able to explore the island. Car rentals are available all throughout the island, as are bike rentals, and, of course, boat rentals and charters for those looking to explore the sea, rather than the road.

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