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Barbados Luxury Vacation Rentals

Guide to Luxury Villa Rentals in Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful island on the eastern tip of the Caribbean famous for its dreamy white sandy beaches, colorful tropical fish, crystal clear waters, exceptional restaurants, and luxury villas. 

Of course, the famous beaches are the main draw for visitors but beyond their allure, you will find exciting experiences to satisfy every type of traveler - rich history, authentic culture, hidden caves and waterfalls, luxury shopping and a range of sports.

The sights, tastes, and experiences that fill this Caribbean paradise make it an unforgettable,  once-in-a-lifetime trip for all.

Guide to Luxury Villa Rentals in Barbados

Weather in Barbados

Barbados is found just north of the equator, so this picture-perfect island is blessed with beautiful weather conditions virtually all year round. Bright sunshine and refreshing cool breezes are almost guaranteed on your Barbados vacation with temperatures fluctuating between 80-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Instead of the four distinct seasons that visitors are often more used to, Barbados has wet and dry seasons. December to May is the dry period and, as such, coincides with the busiest months for tourism on the island. The cooler temperatures and less rainfall make it the preferred time to visit. 

Beaches in Barbados

The white-sand beaches are the island’s most famous asset and they certainly aren’t hard to come by. The Caribbean island is lined by 70 miles of coastline, home to more than 80 glorious beaches for you to enjoy. 

Some are widely-renowned, attracting tourists and locals in droves, while others remain hidden-gems that tick the box for adventurous travelers. 

Narrowing the many beaches down to the ‘best’ is a difficult task as it ultimately comes down to personal preference. The east coast’s thrilling Atlantic waters are popular for surfing and other watersports, while the west island’s calm crystal blue waters are ideal for leisurely swimming and snorkeling around the amazing coral reefs.

Some of the beaches we recommend you check out include Carlisle Bay, Bathsheba Beach, Mullins Beach, Accra Beach, Crane Beach and Miami Beach. 

Beachfront villas in Barbados

At Rental Escapes, we have over 100 different beachfront villas in Barbados for you to choose from. Here is a select look at some of our most popular:

How do I get around in Barbados?

So that you get to see all the best that Barbados has to offer, you need to prepare how you plan to get around the island. 

A car rental is by far the easiest and best way for you to get around Barbados - it gives you the flexibility to explore parts of the island that you want to see and at your own pace. Thankfully, many of our luxury villas in Barbados come with an optional private driver who can chauffeur you around the island, leaving one less thing for you to worry about. 

Drinks & Food (Bajan) in Barbados

Barbados’ rich culture and history seep out into the diverse food and drink available on the island. The mixture of African, Indian, Creole and British influence make Barbadian cuisine anything but bland. 

Local Bajan dishes including Cou-Cou, flying fish with spicy gravy, rice and pigeon peas, salt bread, Caribbean roti, and beef stew, are all readily available at street markets anywhere on the island. Elsewhere, casual and fine-dining restaurants provide cooking that embraces international cuisine. 

To make the most of the freshly-caught seafood, visit Oistins Fish Fry, a Friday night tradition that takes place at Oistins Bay Garden. Tuna, swordfish, marlin, mahi-mahi, flying fish, and lobster can all be cooked for you on the spot in this informal setting. Luxury villas in Christ Church are best placed to enjoy the delicious community fish fries. 

Rum lovers are in for a treat too, since high-quality dark rum from the world-famous Mount Gay distillery (est. 1703) run freely. 

Many of our luxury villas in Barbados come with experienced chefs who can cater for your group. 

Where to Stay in Barbados?

Living the life of luxury in a rental villa is the best way for you to spend your time in Barbados. 5-star luxuries, elegant spaces, beachfront locations, and freedom that comes with having your own tropical paradise.

When selecting where to base your luxury villa in Barbados, you'll be spoilt for choice - the island is divided into four areas, each with a unique character. 

The west coast offers exclusive living and stunning beaches. The south coast is considered the most developed part of Barbados with rich nightlife and entertainment, new beachfront boardwalk, and golf courses.

The north coast takes in the parishes of Saint Lucy and Saint Peter, known for tourist attractions and rough and rugged picturesque cliffs. And the east coast’s sparsely-populated coastal scenery and powerful Atlantic waves are popular with surfers.

Looking for a Barbados travel experience without the stress of organizing it? Our personalized luxury travel concierge service creates tailor-made vacations with all the big and little bits planned entirely for you. 

Most Popular Destinations in Barbados

Barbados travelers tend to gather in two main areas: The South and West Coast. 

The south is home to Christ Church, one of Barbados’ largest parishes, and Saint Philip, home to some of the best beaches on the island. The south is the most developed area of Barbados and, as such, has more appealing nightlife options. The livelier waters also give way to a host of water sport opportunities.  

The West Coast’s Saint James and Saint Peter are generally a more peaceful place for a holiday and closer to the Bridgetown capital. The upscale area has exclusive villas and provides a more serene holiday option. Calmer waters than the south give you a chance to relax.

Best Cities to Explore in Barbados

Regardless of where your luxury villa is located, we recommend all visitors get out and explore the cities and towns in Barbados. 

Bridgetown is the island’s bustling capital city. The historic city and unique architecture saw it added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011. To keep you occupied, there is a compact shopping area and plenty of sights including the parliament buildings, National Heroes Square, St Michael’s Cathedral and Queen’s Park. 

Speightstown is a town in the north of the island of great historical importance to Barbados. The town was once a bustling port and visits to the town offer a unique look into the heritage of Barbados.

Holetown, on the west coast, is where history meets modern development. Visit the Holetown Monument that commemorates the first British landing in Barbados in 1625, walk along the boardwalk, and enjoy stunning sunsets.

Best Neighbourhoods in Barbados

In the North West of Barbados is the parish of Saint James. Within the parish are the laid-back coastal towns of Holetown, Fitts Village and Porters. These towns offer a true tropical paradise as well as boutique shops and gourmet restaurants. If you want to get away from the crowds,

Paynes Bay is a lesser-known spot where tourists can swim with leatherback and hawksbill turtles!

St Lawrence Gap in Oistins is one of the island’s best-known neighborhoods. Relax on a quiet beach or grab some food and drink on the bustling west-side boardwalks and markets. And just next to St Lawrence Gap is Worthing Beach, a white sand beach with a coral reef filled with tropical fish. 

Best Things To Do in Barbados

Nightlife in Barbados

If you’re in the mood to do some partying while you’re in Barbados, you’re in luck. The island certainly lives up to the Caribbean reputation for having an exciting nightlife.

There are plenty of nightclubs, bars and live entertainment options all over Barbados but the best of the best found on the south coast. Go to St. Lawrence Gap in Christ Church for the ultimate party central, a district with a plethora of clubs, bars, and restaurants. 

The two most popular nightclubs in Barbados, where you can party until the early hours, are Red Door Lounge in Holetown and Harbor Lights, south of Bridgetown. 

John Moore bar is an iconic rum bar worth visiting on the Reeds Bay waterfront. The rum shack is a legendary spot that opened in its current location back in 1959. Just steps from the sea, John Moore bar is as popular with locals as it is with tourists with music, conversation, and drinks flowing all day and night.

Points of Interest & Landmarks to Explore in Barbados

Barbados beaches offer visitors awe-inspiring scenes throughout almost the entire island. Indeed, the coastline seems to go on endlessly, on a mission to grant every new explorer's wish. But the popular luxury destination is also home to a wide variety of other points of interest and landmarks that are unique to the region.

Barbados beaches offer visitors awe-inspiring scenes throughout almost the entire island. Indeed, the coastline seems to go on endlessly, on a mission to grant every new explorer's wish. But the popular luxury destination is also home to a wide variety of other points of interest and landmarks that are unique to the region.

Visitors come from near and far to witness the magic of the island’s limestone cave formations and wildlife reserves, while others enjoy the sights and sounds of live local performances from a bar or restaurant somewhere along the endless shore.

The Animal Flower Cave is located beneath the northernmost cliffs of the island in Saint Lucy. The accessible cave is a ‘must-see’ for visitors that has a coral floor, sea anemones, and natural rock pools to swim in.

Hunte’s Garden is one of the finest experiences that nature lovers can find in the Caribbean. Located in the lush hills of Saint Joseph, this botanical garden allows visitors to take a stroll through landscaped gardens, where antiques mix with rare exotic plants. 

Harrison’s Cave is the most popular attraction for tourists in Barbados. Located in the central uplands of Saint Thomas, this limestone cave houses streams, deep pools of clear water and breathtaking columns. A tram tour can drive you in an electrically operated tram down through the extensive system of caves.

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