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1,122 - 2,245 /night
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893 - 1,321 /night

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Siena Visitors Guide

Though its rivalry with Florence has been well-documented, Siena is home to plenty of splendors in its own right. In fact, much of its culture are the result of this rivalry, as the city began commissioning frescos and sculptures in order to gain the same fame Florence was accruing in the Renaissance. Today, Siena and its surrounding hamlets maintains a quaint charm and a sense of authenticity that can't be matched, which is why it is often cited as a favorite among travelers to Tuscany. It's also ripe with history, which is why it has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of course, since tourism has been driven to this city for centuries, it's no surprise that there are many Siena vacation rentals to choose from as well.

Finding the Siena Vacation Rental That's Right for You

Before browsing through Siena vacation rentals, it's important to determine whether you want to stay in the city itself, or in the surrounding countryside. Because real estate is not at the same premium as in Florence, it's possible to find an apartment rental in the centre of the city, and even in the heart of some of the city's most famed piazzas (like the famed Piazza del Campo). If you're looking to find a rental with a little more space, though, then there a wealth of villas available in the countryside beside Siena, many of which are restored farmhouses and even castles.

How to Reach your Siena Vacation Rental

If you're flying in to Siena, then you'll be landing in either Florence or Pisa. From there, arranging either rail or bus transportation into Siena will not be difficult, meaning you won't need a vehicle to reach your Siena vacation rental. In fact, most of the city centre itself is automobile-free, so if you plan on staying in the city itself, a car rental is really not required. Taking the bus or train between cities will also allow you to soak up much of the scenery, although driving along the spuerstrada linking Florence and Siena is certainly worth experiencing at least once.

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