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Apulia Visitors Guide

Among savvy travelers, Apulia is known for its history, its natural beauty, and its sense of authenticity. History-wise, Apulia is home to a high number of archeological findings, as it was inhabited by the ancient Illyric and Messappii civilizations before being taken over by the Mycenaean Greeks and, later, the Ancient Greeks and, of course, the Romans. Following Roman conquest, Apulia fell into the hands of the Goths, the Lombards, the Byzantines, and the Normans. As such, ruins and artifacts from each of these historic periods can be found today, while the historic influence of each region can be seen in the architecture that graces medieval cities like Ostuni. Geographically, Apulia is also home to plains, hills, mountains, caves and stunning beaches lining the Adriatic Sea, offering travelers a plethora of natural beauty to appreciate. Its citizens, meanwhile, remain proud of their unique heritage and culture, and as such the area maintains a sense of authenticity that simply cannot be matched. In fact, living like the locals is generally a top priority of travelers to Apulia, which is why Apulia vacation rentals are a popular choice for those visiting this unspoiled part of Italy.

Staying in Apulia Vacation Rentals

Although hotels can be found in Apulia, the majority of travelers choose to stay in rentals for the unique experience and to appreciate the region as a locale. Like with Tuscany vacation rentals, owners of Apulia vacation rentals tend to go out of their way to deliver this experience to their guests – for example, some offer cooking classes where guests can use fresh, local ingredients to cook up traditional meals using authentic recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Others are located in Trulli houses that showcase some of the region's architecture. Because travelers to Apulia tend to fall in love with the region, doing so allows owners to ensure that they benefit from repeat business and from positive references, which is their ultimate goal.

Getting To and From Apulia Vacation Rentals

Apulia is known for its authenticity and its history, which means renting a car is recommended in order to travel along the countryside and to stop at the little towns and villages that dot the region's landscape. Because some Apulia vacation rentals are off the beaten track, you may also need a car to reach the rental itself, so it's wise to inquire whether this is the case before arriving.

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