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Quintana Roo Visitors Guide

Quintana Roo is one of Mexico's most renowned and popular destinations, as the region is home to heavy-hitters like Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Akumal, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel, as well to a plethora of Mayan ruins, including the ruins of Choccoben, Muyil, and Tulum. Combine these attractions with a temperate year-round climate, stunning landscapes and beaches and plenty of unique flora and fauna, and you have one of the best vacation destinations in the Americas. Plus, with a wide variety of Quinata Roo vacation rentals available, finding a place as beautiful and unique as your destination will not be difficult.

The Advantages of Quintana Roo Vacation Rentals

Though there's no shortage of resorts or all-inclusive hotels in the region (especially in more popular cities like Cancun and Playa Del Carmen), Quintana Roo vacation rentals are an excellent means of saving money while enjoying greater privacy and luxury than you would get at a comparatively-priced hotel. Mayan Riviera vacation rentals, for example, are often beachfront and can feature private infinite pools, luxurious outdoor lounging areas, unique tile work, local crafts, and more. Plus, you'll have access to your kitchen, meaning you can cook your own meals with filtered water, which is an especially important advantage if you're travelling with children.

Deciding Between Quintana Roo Vacation Rentals

With so many Quintana Roo vacation rentals available, it may be tough to make a decision, but the first step is choosing where you want to go. Resort towns like Cancun and Playa del Carmen offer beach-centric vacations and all of the restaurants, shops, and comfort of back home, though excursions to ruin sites and hikes can also be arranged. Those looking to stay closer to the ruins and to nature, though, as well as those looking for a more authentic Mexican vacation, will enjoy Tulum or Akumal, especially since the prior is home to some of the most magnificent Mayan ruins in the country. No matter what your choice, though, you'll likely encounter an owner and neighbors that are friendlier than you expected, since the Mexican people are known for their kindness and graciousness.

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