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Umbria Visitors Guide

Though landlocked, Umbria is serviced by the Tiber River, and as such it is home to some of Italy's most fertile land. That's why no trip to Umbria is complete without appreciating its beautiful countryside, as its landscape is dotted with olive groves, green mountains, and sprawling vineyards. That also means that much of your trip will be spent sampling some of the region's plentiful bounty, as wine tastings and farm tours are the norm in this lush bit of land that has quickly become a favorite among agritourists. Given its natural beauty, then, it's no surprise that Umbria vacation rentals tend to be large villas, restored farmhouses or even guesthouses on vineyards that allow you to relax and appreciate the best of the Italian countryside.

The Beauty of Umbria Vacation Rentals

Since Umbria is known for its groves, vineyards and farms, its rentals benefit from having a large amount of space at their disposal. That means you'll be able to rent a large, sprawling villa, often with a swimming pool, for the same price that you'd pay for a hotel room in a major city like Rome or Paris. Owners of Umbria vacation rentals also tend to go out of their way to deliver an experience, rather than a simple house to rent. They'll often bring guests local foods and wines, offer advice on where to visit, and will decorate their homes in a way that complements the region's rustic charm. Weddings in the countryside can also generally be arranged, and because many owners have been in business for years, expect them to be especially friendly and helpful in the hopes of gaining both a reference and repeat business.

Is a Car Necessary to Reach Umbria Vacation Rentals?

Since Umbria vacation rentals tend to be located in the countryside, a car is often not only recommended, but in some cases is even required to reach the rental itself. A car will also allow you to drive through this lush bit of country, though, which offers some of the very best views in all of Europe. You'll also get a chance to stop at random farms, farmer's markets, and different vineyards, thereby allowing you to better experience the flavors and scents that have made Umbria famous.

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