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Sardinia Visitors Guide

Rich in both history and natural beauty, Sardinia makes an excellent destination for those looking to appreciate the beauty of a Mediterranean island, while still appreciating a history that dates back to the Paleolithic Era. In terms of coastline, Sardinia features a great deal of variety, as it stretches along both the Tyrrhenian and Balearic seas, and features both stretches of rocky, mountainous coastline, and flat, sandy coastline. It's home to several ruins as well, as it was inhabited by many civilizations, including the Phoenicians, the Vandals, and the Byzantines, while several megalithic structures from the ancient Nuragic civilization can be found as well. With so much to offer, it's not surprising that there is also a wealth of Sardinia vacation rentals to choose from as well.

Deciding Between Sardinia Vacation Rentals

Sardinia is a relatively large island – in fact, it's the second largest in the Mediterranean, after Sicily – and as such the first step in deciding between Sardinia vacation rentals is deciding where you want to stay. If you want to stay by the beach, then you're in luck, as a wide variety of beachfront apartments and villas can be found at relatively affordable rates. But, because the region is popular with European travelers, beachfront rentals tend to fill up fast for the month of August, so if you do intend to travel at this time, it's advised that you book your place up early. Of course, hilltop villas and rentals in the countryside can also be found, so in the end finding the right rental depends on what your priorities are.

Transportation to Sardinia Vacation Rentals

Getting around Sardinia is relatively easy, especially for an island. It's home to three airports, and is also serviced by two rail systems and a plethora of ferry companies. Of course, renting a car, or even a scooter, as is popular on Mediterranean islands, allows travelers to drive along the rocky coast, which can be both beautiful and exciting, given that the roads offer feature narrow, winding stretches of road perched high atop mountains and cliffs. Ultimately, whether or not you rent a car should depend on how comfortable you are driving along these narrow roads.

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