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Your Guide to Sardinia Villa Rentals

The second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, Sardinia benefits from a great climate, stunning landscapes, a distinct culture, and a fascinating history. Sardinia villa rentals let you experience all this so you can enjoy the best of this beautiful, autonomous part of Italy in style, luxury, and privacy.

Sardinia is one of the oldest inhabited islands in Europe, with habitation dating back to the Paleolithic era. And while its prehistoric Nuragic megaliths rightfully attract a lot of attention, it was really in the Roman era when the tradition of building large, luxury vacation villas in Sardinia began.

During the Middle Ages, power in Sardinia alternated between a number of forces, including the Pisans, Genoans, and the Aragonians, creating an even richer architectural heritage for Sardinia to draw from. Villas at this time grew even more elaborate and included numerous defensive structures.

Today, Sardinian villa rentals are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from country estates to large, luxurious manors. As such, the first step to choosing a villa in Sardinia is to decide on your approximate travel dates and party size.

From there, your Rental Escapes villa specialist will be happy to present you with the best rental options for your group.

Luxury Villas in Sardinia

Home to some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, Sardinia has become one of the top yachting and jet-setting destinations in the world. Luxury villas in Sardinia cater to these discriminating tastes by maintaining the highest standards in amenities, comfort, and service.

Most of our luxury villas in Sardinia are located on or near Costa Smeralda, known as Sardinia’s Emerald Coast. Thanks to its natural beauty, this coastline is the most expensive location in Europe per square metre.

As such, many luxury villas in Sardinia focus on letting you enjoy your surroundings in comfort and privacy. They tend to have private pools, expansive outdoor living areas, modern Mediterranean facades, and cool, open-concept interiors. Some even include direct beach access, which is a true luxury with a coastline as beautiful as this.

Sardinia Beach Villa Rentals

While Sardinia certainly has a fascinating culture and history, for many, the beach is the top reason to visit, especially in the summertime. Sardinia beach villa rentals offer a front-row seat to the warm Mediterranean water, soft shores, and life-affirming views that attract so many. They include:

Villa dei Bucanieri: Located on Sardinia’s northeastern tip, Villa dei Bucaneri features its own private beach, as well as beautiful, unobstructed views of the La Maddalena archipelago and the nearby yacht club. It’s all complemented by luxurious accommodation for up to 20 guests in an elegant, sophisticated, yet modern, package. Easily one of Sardinia’s best villas.

Villa Baia Gemini: With direct beach access and located in a private gated community by the laid-back inlet of Cannigione, Villa Baja Gemini offers up to 10 guests everything they need in a Sardinia beach house. Take a dip in the beach-style pool, walk down to your private strip of sand, relax in the jacuzzi, or enjoy a barbecue meal al fresco – it’s all on offer here.

Villa Orchidea: Just five minutes from the beach, Villa Orchidea offers 360-degree ocean views around the property and five lovely bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The outdoor area also features a large pool and a spa area with a jacuzzi and a waterfall. A relaxing, laid-back choice.

Erithia: A short walk to the famous Romazzino beach, Erithia combines the quant qualities of a traditional Sardinian home with the uncompromising luxury of the Emerald Coast. And with its light blue color palette and private pool, everything about this villa evokes the best of the sea.

Villas in Sardinia with Pools

With its warm Mediterranean climate and beautiful coastline, you’ll want to spend a lot of time outside. Villas in Sardinia with pools let you do just that in style and privacy, usually surrounded by gorgeous, unobstructed ocean views. Top choices include:

Villa Sarda Golf: A modernist, recently constructed take on the traditional golf villa, Villa Sarda Golf benefits from clean lines, floor-to-ceiling windows, evocative artwork, and a minimalist interior. It all combines with stunning views of the bay of Cala di Volpe to create one of the most unique villas in Porto Cervo.

Villa Puntaldia: With its cream-coloured façade, large private pool, private hammam, and covered outdoor dining area, Villa Puntaldia is a true testament to serenity. Inside, its three stories exude good taste, punctuated all the more by its 4 spacious bedrooms. A smart choice for up to 8 guests.

Villa Granu: Standing tall with 6 bedrooms and three large, open floors, as well as a large private pool, Villa Granu is a great value for a summer rental in Porto Cervo. The ocean views from the dining room and living room provide the perfect focal point for you and your fellow guests.

Sardinia FAQ

What are the Entry Requirements for Sardinia?

Italy is part of the Schengen area, so if you’re traveling within the area, you don’t need to show your passport. If you’re coming from outside the area, including from the US, Canada, or the UK, then you’ll have to show your passport upon entering the area.

How to Travel to Sardinia?

If you’re flying in, Sardinia’s two main airports are Cagliari-Elmas Airport (CAG), which primarily services the southern part of the island, and Alghero-Fertilia Airport (AFG), which services the northern part. Both are connected to international airlines, as well as to budget airlines within Europe.

Sardinia is also reachable by ferry, including from Genoa, Civitavecchia (near Rome), and Livorno and Piombo (both in Tuscany). These ferry rides can take several hours but are a scenic and relaxing way to reach Sardinia, especially as you approach the coast. If you’re travelling from Tuscany, you can expect a 2-5 hour ferry ride, depending on the route. From Genoa, it’s about 4-6 hours; from Rome, it’s about 5-8 hours.

How to Get Around Sardinia?

Once you’re in Sardinia, you can get around by bus, taxi, private driver, or car rental. Trains are limited but they are available to get around the coastal part of the island. Renting a car is a popular option and driving around the island is relatively easy (and beautiful!). Taxis and private drivers can be more expensive than on the mainland but are a great way to get around as well.

Your Rental Escapes concierge can assist with airport transfers, car rentals, and private drivers.

When is the Best Time to Visit Sardinia?

If you want to maximize your time in the sun and in the water, then you’ll want to travel in the summer, from June to August. This is peak season in Sardinia, and also when prices and crowds are at their highest.

For many, shoulder season will be the best time to travel, especially from May-June and September-October. The water is usually still hot enough to swim in, the crowds are smaller, and you can find a great deal on a Sardinia villa rental.

Winter is low season across Sardinia, and any tourist-centred services, including some bars and restaurants, will shut down. Still, this is when you can find the absolute best deals across the island.

Best Things to do in Sardinia?

Sail the Coast: Thanks to its gorgeous coastline, great climate, and lush vegetation, Sardinia is one of Europe’s top sailing destinations, especially on its northeastern coast. Take advantage and charter a boat tour to discover this beautiful coastline for yourself while enjoying some of the beautiful beaches and great snorkelling that Sardinia is known for.

Visit Nuraghe Archeological Site: Dating back to the Bronze Age, the Nuraghe towers offer visitors a chance to experience Sardinia’s most ancient history. Not only are these some of the most impressive megaliths of that era, but they offer fascinating insight into Sardinia’s unique Nuragic civilization. Plus, they’re only about 50-100 km from Costa Smeralda, and the drive itself is very scenic.

Go Golfing: Sardinia is home to some beautiful golf courses, especially on the northeastern coast near Costa Smeralda. This includes the world-famous Pevero Golf Club and Is Molas Golf Club, both designed by Robert Trench Jones and known for their ocean-side locations and high-end facilities.

How’s the Food in Sardinia?

Sardinian cuisine benefits from both Mediterranean and North African influences, with a big focus on fresh, local ingredients.

Given its seaside location, it should come as no surprise that fresh seafood is a big deal here. You’ll also see a lot of pecorino cheese, made with sheep’s milk; porchetta, or slow-roasted pig; and culurigones, a type of stuffed pasta typically filled with meat, cheese, potatoes, and mint.

To drink, enjoy some mirto, a liqueur made from myrtle plant berries and served as a digestif.

And for dessert, try the seadas – a type of fried pastry filled with pecorino cheese and honey. Sardinian honey is especially well-regarded across Europe, so expect plenty of other desserts to use local honey as well.

Your Rental Escapes concierge can also arrange private chef service and villa pre-stocking on any Sardinian villa rental.

How’s the Weather in Sardinia?

Sardinia benefits from a Mediterranean climate, with warm, clear summers and mild, rainy winters.

Summertime sees average temperatures vary between 25°C-30°C (77°F-86°F). Summer is also the driest season, especially on the northeastern coast, which only sees about 5-10 millimetres (0.2-0.4 inches) of rain per month. Sea temperatures at this time vary between 22°C-25°C (72°F-77°F), which is ideal for swimming.

By autumn, temperatures drop to between 15°C-20°C (59°F-68°F). Rainfall increases significantly as autumn progresses, with overall rainfall varying between 30-60 millimetres (1.2-2.4 inches) per month. Sea temperatures at this time vary between 20°C-22°C (68°F-72°F), meaning it’s still comfortable enough to swim, especially in early autumn.

In the spring, average temperatures also vary between 15°C-20°C (59°F-68°F). Showers are more frequent at this time but are typically short-lived. Expect about 20-60 millimetres (0.8-2.4 inches) of rain per month, usually falling in short showers. Water temperatures during the spring, meanwhile, vary between 15°C-18°C (59°F-64.4°F), meaning they are still good for boating and become more suitable for swimming in late spring.

Winter, lastly, sees average temperatures between 10°C-15°C (50°F-59°F). Winter is also the wettest month, with average rainfall between 70-75 millimetres (2.8-3.0 inches) per month. That said, quite a few days can still be mild and warm, even at the height of winter.

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If you’re visiting this beautiful part of Italy, Rental Escapes can elevate your Sardinia villa rental into a true luxury experience.

Our portfolio includes the finest villa rentals in Sardinia, including villas with private pools, beach villas, family villas, and more.

Your Rental Escapes reservation expert can find the best villa for your group, and your concierge personalizes your trip to create the ultimate Sardinian villa experience.

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