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Your Guide to Positano Villa Rentals

The most popular destination on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is an iconic destination thanks to the multicoloured buildings lining its hills, the beautiful duomo cathedral at the centre of town, and the contrast of these sights with the backdrop of the wonderfully blue Tyrrhenian Sea. Combine with beautiful Mediterranean landscapes and narrow winding streets and it’s easy to understand why Positano villas have been such legendary retreats since Roman times.

Positano villa rentals today maintain this rich heritage by offering guests some of the best experiences across all of Italy. Each can be considered a destination unto itself, with its own art, history, and beauty, as well as plenty of modern amenities to ensure your comfort.

Rental Escapes is here to help you rent the best Positano villa for your group. Not only does our portfolio include the best rental options in Positano, but our expert agents are also on hand to assist you with every step of the reservation process.

The first step to choosing a Positano villa rental is to confirm your approximate travel dates.

You’ll also want to consider how many guests you will be travelling with and their approximate ages. While some Positano villas are child-friendly, others have age limits due to the number of antiques and pieces of art in the villa, as well as due to their cliffside locations.

Similarly, you’ll also want to consider if anyone in your party has mobility problems since some Amalfi coast villas are up on hills.

Once you know your party and dates, your Rental Escapes reservations agent will be happy to present you with some lovely options and expert advice.

Positano Luxury Villa Rentals

Often perched up on hillsides and overlooking the sea, Positano luxury villa rentals offer guests their own private sanctuary and a chance to appreciate the beauty of this fabled part of Italy in a totally unique way.

Like so much of Positano, the villas themselves are often dripping with culture, history, and beauty. They are independently owned and have usually been passed down through generations, giving each a story all of its own.

As befits a town with such great shopping, that unmistakably Italian sense of style and grace is also often evident in every Positano villa. Many are also architectural works of art, and the antique treasures they contain within are sure to lead to some interesting conservations.

Perhaps even more impressive, though, are their surroundings. Often bordering the sea and offering exceptional villas, our luxury villas in Positano feature expansive outdoor living areas, terraced gardens, and ocean views that you will never forget.

Positano Villa Rentals with Pool

There’s no better way to top off an outdoor living area than with a private pool. And while not too many Positano villas have the luxury of a pool because of their hillside location, those that do allow you to appreciate the Mediterranean climate on a whole other level.

Some of the best Positano villa rentals with pools include:

Vicere: 150 steps from the sea, Vicere is a richly appointed Caprisian villa ordained with Renaissance artwork, rich tilework, a gorgeous pool, and life-affirming views. It’s all complimented by 5-star service from its staff, including the private chef. One of Positano’s best stays, bar none.

Dorata: With an ornate baroque style, Dorata features everything you’d expect from your own private palazzo, including stunning chandeliers, inspiring frescos, verdant gardens, and gorgeous tiles. It also has plenty of surprises, like a vaulted alcove, an indoor pool, and antique works of art scattered throughout.

Positano Villas with Chef

Italy is truly one of the world’s best food destinations. And while going to restaurants and cafes is a great way to experience the local cuisine, nothing compares to having your own private Italian chef making your favourites and surprising you with some new creations, all using fresh, local ingredients.

Some of the best Positano villas with chef service include:

Torre di Positano: A truly unique villa, the iconic Torre di Positano stands out on the coastline thanks to its stone façade and impressive construction, evoking over 1,000 years of history. Inside, the rich stonework gives way to sprawling paths and jaw-dropping views amid a villa riddled with stone walkways and hidden alcoves. And it all borders a secluded, private beach that’s all yours to enjoy.

Giovale: An ideal option if you’re renting or arriving with a small boat, Giovale has a private dock that lets you reach Positano’s main beach in minutes. It also features aromatically-terraced gardens, a plethora of antiques, a contemporary design, and unique architecture, all overlooking the sea.

Guilia: With its ideal hilltop location, Guilia provides stunning views of Positano and its gulf, while the interior perfectly harmonizes tradition and modern living. Extras like a Turkish bath and indoor pool further reflect the level of quality and care put into this villa.

Family Villas in Positano

Because of their hillside locations, not every Positano villa is suitable for children or those with limited mobility. However, there are still a number of family villas in Positano that will let you experience the best of the town regardless of age and mobility, including:

Merope: One of the few cliffside villas in Positano with easy access from the main road, as well as an indoor elevator, Merope makes an ideal choice for families with young children or for guests with mobility issues. Throw in traditional décor, Vietri ceramic floors, and traditional artwork, and you have a beautiful way for anyone to experience authentic Positano.

Gedoro: Modern and well-appointed, this cliffside villa is a great choice for families who want to enjoy jaw-dropping views while still enjoying comfortable amenities. Best of all, it’s just steps from the beach, something that’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Cleta: Surrounded by Mediterranean landscaping, Cleta is a two-story villa with ocean views, Neapolitan terracotta floors, local clay construction, and verdant terraced gardens. It’s the prototypical Mediterranean home and truly reflects the style, colours, and materials of the Amalfi Coast.

Positano FAQ

What are the entry requirements for Positano?

Italy is part of the Schengen area, so if you’re travelling from another Schengen country, you won’t need to show a passport. If you’re travelling from the US, Canada, or outside the EU, you’ll need to show a valid passport upon entering the Schengen area.

How to Travel to Positano?

The closest major airport to the Positano is Naples International Airport. To reach Positano from Naples, many travel first to Sorrento. Sorrento is reachable from Naples by train, which takes about an hour and 10 minutes, as well as by ferry, which takes about 45 minutes. From there, it’s just a half-hour drive or ferry to Positano.

If you’re travelling from Rome, then your best bet is the train, which will take about 3 and a half hours and requires a train swap in Naples.

Once you’re on the Amalfi Coast, you can rent a car to drive from town to town but be aware that the roads are quite narrow and are often taken up by large busses, especially in peak season. If you’re not comfortable with a challenging drive or just want to relax and admire the view, then a bus or private driver is the best way to navigate these roads.

You can also use ferries or charter boat trips to explore the coast by sea and gain a whole new perspective on this beautiful part of Italy.

Your Rental Escapes concierge can assist with rental cars, private drivers, train tickets, ferries, and boat charters.

When is the Best Time to Visit Positano?

July and August are the most popular times to visit Positano and are the best times to visit if you’re looking for that perfect Mediterranean climate. If you want to lay by the beach, swim in the water, and enjoy sunshine every day, this is the time to go.

For many, though, shoulder season in the spring and fall is the best time to visit. This time of year sees much lower prices and smaller crowds, letting you enjoy more of the beautiful town to yourself and making it much easier to drive along the Amalfi Coast if you so choose.

Winter is low season, and as a result, many restaurants and cafes will be closed. While Positano maintains a dramatic and mysterious air during these months, those looking to enjoy the culture and climate should choose other months.

Best Things to do in Positano?

Visit Santa Maria Assunta Church: Positano’s most iconic landmark, Santa Maria Assunta is celebrated for its Moorish dome and the Byzantine treasures contained within, including the 13th-century Virgin Madonna. No visit to Positano is complete without a visit.

Take a Boat Tour: To experience the Amalfi Coast from a whole other perspective, take a boat tour. Whether it’s a private charter or going with a small group (a great way to meet other travellers), you’ll understand why this coastline is considered so beautiful.

Go Shopping: Positano is home to some of the best shopping on the Amalfi Coast, including plenty of hand-crafted, artisanal goods you can’t find anywhere else. Handmade sandals, ceramics, hand-crafted fashions…you’ll find all sorts of treasures along Positano’s steep streets, especially on the Via dei Mulini.

How’s the Food in Positano?

Like so much of the Amalfi Coast, food in Positano is a mix of Neapolitan and coastal influences. Fresh seafood is a big deal and is often accompanied by local specialties, whether it’s artichokes, arugula, scialatielli pasta, or some of the local olive oil.

There’s also plenty of meat and cheese on offer, especially barilotto made from buffalo’s milk and caciocvallo dell’emigrante, made from raw cow’s milk and stuffed with soppressata. Positano is also famous for its limoncello, a lemon-based liqueur that makes for a perfect digestif. Your Rental Escapes concierge can also arrange private chef service and villa pre-stocking for any of our Positano villas.

What’s the Weather like in Positano?

Positano benefits from a warm Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers. July and August in particular see great weather, with average daily highs of 29°C (84.2°F) and average lows of 22°C (71.6°F). The whole summer only sees about 15-9mm (0.3-0.6 inches) of rain.

Temperatures in spring drop to 23°C (73°F), while fall sees temperatures drop further to 18°C (64°F). Both see a higher chance of rain, with April, for example, seeing an average of 13.3 rainy days. This makes for weather that’s still enjoyable, though you'll want to pack a jacket.

Book a Luxury Villa in Positano with Rental Escapes

If you’re hoping to visit this lovely region of Italy for your next holiday, then Rental Escapes can elevate your Positano villa rental into a true luxury experience.

Our portfolio includes the finest Positano villas, including luxury villas with pools and chefs, as well as villas that are perfect for families.

Your Rental Escapes villa specialist can find the best villa options based on your needs, and your concierge personalizes the trip with transfers, rentals, reservations, and so much more.

Contact us today to start planning your next dream holiday!

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