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Your Guide to Wedding Villas

It’s your big day, and you want everything to be perfect. That means choosing the right dress, the right décor, the right music – and, if you’re organizing a destination wedding, the right wedding villa.

It all starts with that perfect location. Maybe you want to get married by that idylic strip of beach in Barbados or the Bahamas. Maybe you want to exchange vows in the classic, timeless atmosphere of Italy or France. Or maybe you want to tie the knot somewhere a little more exotic, like Indonesia or Costa Rica. Either way, we got you covered.

Next, you want to make sure your wedding villa has top-tier amenities. This includes a beautiful dining room for you and your guests, a large reception area, manicured gardens, and, of course, an awe-inspiring area for the wedding ceremony.

Lastly, you’ll want to look at the staff. Wedding villas are typically fully staffed and include private chefs, housekeeps, waiters, butlers, and more. Your Rental Escapes concierge can arrange any additional staff you may need, including photographers, DJs, makeup artists, and more.

The villas in this collection offer the perfect mix of location, amenities, and staff to create the best possible wedding experience. And your concierge is with you every step of the way to make sure that the big day, and the whole trip, is as magical as you’ve always dreamed.

Wedding Villas in Europe

Europe is home to some of the most romantic destinations on earth. So, it’s no surprise that wedding villas in Europe are also among the world’s dreamiest places to walk down the aisle.

Wedding Villas in Italy

From Tuscany to the Amalfi Coast to the Italian Lakes, Italy is where you’ll find some of the most visually stunning and historically-rich wedding destinations anywhere. Wedding villas here tend to emphasize lush gardens, opulent interiors, and a unique history that has been passed down through the generations.

Feronia is a great example. A 19-bedroom villa just outside Florence dating back to the 14th century, it has everything you need to entertain and accommodate up to 37 guests. Its grounds feature a pond, cypris trees, olive groves, and a bountiful vineyard, giving the villa a wonderfully timeless and fertile atmosphere that is perfect for a wedding.

Wedding Villas in the South of France

The south of France offers a truly dreamy wedding atmosphere. From the lavender fields of Provence to the azure waters of the French Riviera, wedding villas in the south of France promise uncompromising luxury and timeless beauty.

Just look at Villa Louise. Located in Saint Tropez, this private domain consists of 11 luxury suites in one main villa and two smaller guest villas. That kind of flexibility makes it ideal to host a wedding party with two families. Regardless of who stays where, everyone can get together to appreciate the lush grounds, Mediterranean architecture, and stunning views over Pampelonne Beach.

Portugal Wedding Villas

The Algarve region has become an increasingly popular wedding destination thanks to its striking beauty and rich history. Portugal wedding villas honour the region’s heritage in a way that will elevate your wedding experience as well.

Mexico Wedding Villas

Mexico’s gorgeous coastlines have long been popular honeymoon destinations. So, it’s no surprise that the Mayan Riviera, the Nayarit Riviera, and Baja California are all home to some truly exceptional wedding villas as well.

Riviera Maya Wedding Villas

With its warm Caribbean waters, a Riviera Maya wedding is the perfect way to celebrate life - and your significant other. Wedding villas here offer high-end amenities while letting you take advantage of the beautiful landscapes all around you.

Beachfront on Soliman Bay, Casa Buena Suerte features an immaculately landscaped garden that is ideal for a wedding ceremony. It also features fine detailing that exemplifies the rich heritage, fine materials, and stunning landscapes of the Mayan Riviera. This includes everything from the handcrafted artwork to the onyx bathroom to the cobalt blue infinity edge pool.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Villas

Home to one of the most vibrant cultures of all the beach destinations in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has long been known as a lover’s paradise. In fact, its most popular area is called la Zona Romantica. Puerto Vallarta wedding villas elevate this heritage even further while taking advantage of the picturesque landscapes that make Puerto Vallarta the jewel of the Nayarit.

Cabo Wedding Villas

Where the desert meets the sea, Cabo is known for its otherworldly landscapes and its views of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Cabo wedding villas harness these unique characteristics to deliver a rental experience befitting such a momentous occasion.

Caribbean Wedding Villas

The Caribbean is a dream wedding destination thanks to its warm, tropical climate and its blissful landscapes. Caribbean wedding villas harness these qualities and combine them with professional staff and unique artwork to create the ultimate island wedding atmosphere.

Jamaica Wedding Villas

With its irie atmosphere, distinct rhythms, and beautiful landscapes, Jamaica is one of the most varied and storied destinations in the Caribbean. Jamaica wedding villas honour this rich heritage and combine it with a full staff to deliver a unique wedding experience.

With its private beach, large immaculate garden, and eclectic décor, Sugar Bay is a true testament to what makes wedding villas in Jamaica so special. Picture saying your vows overlooking the tranquil turquoise waters before enjoying a custom-made wedding dinner on the veranda. The night is capped off with a tiki party on the beach as you dance the night away. What a beautiful way to start your new life together.

Barbados Wedding Villas

Already one of the Caribbean’s most picturesque islands, Barbados wedding villas elevate this natural beauty further with beachfront locations, full staff, and a host of luxury amenities that will take your wedding, and your stay, to the next level.

Need proof? Check out the delightful Kiko. Beachfront on Paynes Bay, Kiko is a 9-bedroom stunner that is perfectly appointed and features marble columns and classical architecture. It offers a perfect blend of prized location and unflustered privacy.

Turks and Caicos Wedding Villas

Home to some of the best beaches in the Caribbean – and the world – Turks and Caicos is a dream wedding destination. Wedding villas here further that dream with contemporary architecture, exclusive furnishings, and privileged beachfront locations.

Wedding Villas FAQ

What are the best wedding villa destinations?

The best wedding villa destination will depend on your personal taste and what you have a personal connection to. Top choices include Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Santorini, the French Riviera, Los Cabos, Mayan Riviera, Puerto Vallarta, Barbados, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bali, and more.

What amenities are usually included in wedding villas?

Wedding villas typically include a host of luxury amenities. This includes event spaces for the ceremony and reception, formal dining areas, gourmet kitchen facilities, outdoor living spaces with pools, entertainment systems, and more. You can also find fun extras like full gyms, spas, game rooms, and movie theatres. Be sure to ask your villa specialist about the amenities included with any villa that interests you.

Are wedding planning services included with the rental of a wedding villa?

Wedding planning services can sometimes, but not always be, included with your wedding villa. Sometimes, the rental of the villa will include an in-house wedding planner. Other times, the villa may simply have a list of preferred vendors with whom they have long-standing relationships. In either case, your Rental Escapes concierge is happy to help with wedding planning. This includes arranging catering, décor, entertainment, and even helping to find a local third-party wedding planner if needed.

How far in advance should I book a wedding villa?

The busier the season you want to get married in, the sooner you should book your wedding villa. For peak season, try booking 12-18 months in advance. This will ensure that you have as many villa options as possible to choose from. For shoulder season, you should still aim to book 6-12 months in advance. Regardless of how far out the wedding is, though, be sure to contact Rental Escapes and your villa specialist will find the best options for your dates.

Can I bring my own vendors to a wedding villa?

It’s important to confirm vendor policy with the villa. While some villas allow you to use whichever vendors you want, others have vendor restrictions in place. Still, others have a preferred vendor list that you may want to stick to, especially if you are travelling. Your Rental Escapes villa specialist and concierge are happy to confirm vendor policy with you.

Are there nearby accommodations for wedding guests who don't stay at the villa?

Yes! Your villa specialist will be happy to find nearby accommodation for your wedding guests, including additional villas, resort stays, condo rentals, guest houses, and more.

Book a Wedding Villa with Rental Escapes

If you’re hoping to create the ultimate destination wedding experience, book a wedding villa with Rental Escapes.

Our villa specialists can help you find the perfect wedding villa in beautiful destinations in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Mexico, the US, and more.

From there, your concierge helps you plan the big day, including catering, decorations, and entertainment. Your concierge can also help with car rentals, excursions, chef service, pre-stocking, and anything else you need to create the ultimate destination wedding experience.

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