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Luxury Villa Rentals in North Carolina for 2 people

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Forge Lake Lodge

Topton, North Carolina

7 Bedrooms, Sleeps 16

Forge Lake LodgeForge Lake Lodge #2Forge Lake Lodge #3Forge Lake Lodge #4Forge Lake Lodge #5Forge Lake Lodge #6Forge Lake Lodge #7Forge Lake Lodge #8Forge Lake Lodge #9Forge Lake Lodge #10
Starting at $1,250 /night.

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North Carolina Visitors Guide

North Carolina vacation rentals are a great way to take advantage of the state's many attractions. Outer Banks rentals in particular are a popular choice for those looking to appreciate miles of beautiful coastline, with beaches, parks, and nature reserves offering amazing landscapes and plenty of wildlife, as well as a unique maritime culture owing to the fact that the islands were only accessible by boat until the 1930s. Fishing lovers in particular are attracted to the Outer Banks, though even non-fishers can enjoy the fresh seafood at the many fine restaurants. Further inland, North Carolina offers plenty of natural beauty to appreciate as well, including amazing hiking trails, zip lining, ATVing, and several other outdoor activities offering travelers a chance to experience the great outdoors as they never have before.

Car Rentals and North Carolina Vacation Rentals

While you could theoretically use buses to safely get around, having a car available is greatly recommended to reach North Carolina vacation rentals. That's because the state is home to many fantastic drives, including the drive through the islands of the Outer Banks, and driving through the lushly forested countryside. Plus, with so many different parks, cities and sites to visit, it pays to have a car available to ensure that you can visit what you want, when you want. Most major car rental companies offer cars in North Carolina, so be sure to shop around.

The Value of North Carolina Vacation Rentals

The Outer Banks especially is a home to a high percentage of North Carolina vacation rentals, and many are large, beachfront properties featuring private pools and all the comforts of home for the same price as a hotel room. A bigger property means more room and more privacy, and with your own private strip of beach, your vacation is sure to have memories that will last for years. That's why rentals have long been a popular option for those that do choose to visit North Carolina, especially among groups and families, though with the increased number of condos and smaller homes available, rentals are also a great option for couples or singles as well.

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