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Italy Visitors Guide

Visiting Italy is high atop most travelers' to-do list, assuming they have not already done so. If they have, then returning to Italy at least once every few years is now high atop said list. That's because the magic of Italy has attracted travelers throughout the centuries, as its art, food, and fashions are now legendary. From the canals of Venice to the rich history of Rome, and from the rolling fields of Tuscany through to the beautiful beaches on the Amalfi Coast, visiting Italy offers travelers unforgettable experiences that they simply cannot get anywhere else. And, as savvy European travelers have known for years, the best way to experience the magic of la dolce vita is with an Italy vacation rental.

Italy Vacation Rentals Versus Hotels

Italy vacation rentals have been a popular option for years, and as such many rental owners treat their rentals as serious businesses. That means they are concerned with earning repeat customers, which is why they will go out of their way to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible. Many even offer complimentary dinners upon the guest's arrival, as well as gift baskets featuring local specialties. In fact, food is never far-removed from the minds of most Italians, and having a rental will also allow you to cook some of your own meals using local ingredients and recipes that have been passed down through the generations, thereby allowing you to save money and splurge on opulent dinners at some of Italy's best restaurants.

Choosing an Italy Vacation Rental

Since Italy is home to so many rentals, finding the rental that's right for you may require some searching. The first step is setting a budget, as Italy vacation rentals run the gamut from luxurious estates to simple studios. Afterward, determine how long you will be staying in Italy, and which regions you wish to visit. While staying in a region for longer will allow you to better experience the culture, it also means missing the opportunity to visit another region. A three week trip should allow you to spend one week in each are, though, which is enough time to truly savor the unique flavor of the area and experience what life is like for the local living there.

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