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Luxury Villa Rentals in Spain for 2+ people

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Ibiza Visitors Guide

Though traditionally associated with world-famous DJs and nightclubs, Ibiza is also home to beautiful scenery, sandy beaches, and several UNESCO World Heritage sites. In fact, the island is making a push toward attracting family-focused luxury travelers from around the world, as the rich history of Ibiza town, the beautiful beaches of Playa Den Bossa and the liveliness of Sant Antoni can be appreciated by anyone. However, it is nightlife that continues to be Ibiza's most famous export, with nightclubs like Pasha, Amnesia and Space becoming global party brands. Like the island itself, though, Ibiza vacation rentals can be found which cater to both club-goers and families, depending on one's needs.

The Value of Ibiza Vacation Rentals

Though hotels are certainly available on the island, Ibiza vacation rentals are a popular option among travelers seeking more bang for their buck. That's because for the price of a hotel room, you can rent a beautiful beachside apartment with a few bedrooms, or even a large hilltop villa with a private pool. That's why rentals make such a great choice for both groups and families, both of whom will benefit from the extra room offered by rentals. Especially when you divide the sticker price by the number of people that the rental can accommodate, the value of rentals in Ibiza can't be beat.

Reaching Ibiza Vacation Rentals

Depending on where your rental is located, it may or may not be easy to reach. While Ibiza vacation rentals located in Sant Antoni, Ibiza Town, or Playa Den Bossa are easy to reach and are located within close of proximity of bars, shops, restaurants and cafes, others are located high up in the hills and are only accessible by car. The only way to really find out whether the rental is accessible by car or not is to ask the owner, as they will be more than happy to let you know where the rental is located and how easily accessible it is. If you do rent a car, though, you'll be able to drive around the island and experience it on your own terms, so this is certainly an advantage to consider as well.

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