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Cannes Visitors Guide

Easily one of the French Riviera's most iconic cities, Cannes brings to mind images of movie stars sipping champagne as the sun sets on the beautiful Mediterranean. However, Cannes is also home to several historical and technical attractions as well, as well as to some of the best shopping in all of Europe. Undoubtedly, though, the most popular tourist activity in Cannes is relaxing at one of the city's many famed cafés and restaurants, which, in French tradition, often feature sprawling terraces designed to facilitate an afternoon of people-watching and yacht-gawking. But though the city is known for luxury, there are, thankfully, a very high number of Cannes vacation rentals available that will help keep the trip affordable.

Cannes Vacation Rentals Versus Hotels

Cannes is defined by its many famous streets. From La Croisette, with its renowned shopping and dining, to the charm of the historical La Suquet, every street in Cannes has its own distinct personality and atmosphere. This means you're going to want to stay close to a street that appeals to you. Hotels in the more popular streets, though, can be very pricey, especially given Cannes's reputation for luxury. Unlike other French Riviera vacation rentals , they can also be very cramped, since real estate within the city itself is at a very high premium. That's why a Cannes vacation rental is a great way of saving money while staying in an apartment that's both ideally located and more spacious than a hotel room.

Best Time to Rent Cannes Vacation Rentals

Cannes is most popular in the summer time, with May and August standing out as the most expensive times of all. Of course, May is when the world-famous Cannes Film Festival takes place, so while prices may be higher at this time, you may still wish to visit in order to experience all the excitement associated with this world-famous event. Similarly, August is when most European workers take their vacations, making it a very exciting, but very busy, time as well. If you wish to travel to Cannes in May or August, then be sure to rent ahead of time, as Cannes vacation rentals tend to fill up fast during these months. Otherwise, renting in June or July will allow you to experience summer in Cannes without encountering large crowds or steep prices, while traveling in spring or fall offers even more value at a time when the weather is still beautiful.

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